Masterwork Eternal - What's that?

Masterwork it's usual for us game with author’s additions from E-Global team.
Eternal - is united server that was opened almost 2 years ago.

Have you already played

Your character is waiting for you!
Download the updater and come back to the game.

Our team took care of your comfort
so that you can quickly join the game.

Are you interested in PvP
and quick development?

New start-quest will help you to skip
the starting stage of exping - just a few hours
and your character is ready for fight.

We’ve updated the Olympiad system to allow
the players to participate in battles even
on the second day of your gaming.

You’re a fan of the starting race?

Season server Masterwork - is your choice. Every autumn E-Global starts a server with stage-development.
No matter which chronicles you prefer - our team is working for our best to satisfy even the most fastidious players.

By our own path

Server Eternal is oriented on active PvP - everyday battles and Olympiad. Season server offers you to go through the whole path of developing your character. General mechanics for basic and seasonal server give you the freedom of choice - you choose your own style to develop all MasterWork concepts.

Preserving the values

We care about our dedicated players - update the basic server, give ads, create events. We are ready to listen to the opinions of the gaming community and change into the better side.

Try MasterWork

And the faster you'll warm-up in the game, the better.
The client can be uploaded via updater.

Pick Up Gifts

Help for newbies

Help for newbies

New quest for quick start

Now the start of the game will be understandable and comfortable for all new players. The passage of this new quest will take you 3-4 hours. In reward you’ll get basic equipment and learn all the MasterWork features - updated skills and new mechanics. This knowledge will let you play on the same level with experienced players

Equipment for passaging the quest

At the beginning of the quest you’ll get training weapon that you have to enchant with safe scrolls. Scrolls are dropping from mobs and that’s the great reason to stay longer on the farm zone. At the end of the quest the character gets equip rank S, but the level depends on the enchantment of the training weapon. For example: you enchant your quest weapon by +12 and that will be exchanged on weapon rank S +8 and armor +6.

Help for newbies

Our team cares about players comfort. In reward for everyday quest you’ll get vitality points and coins for bonus shop. With the help of Search clan (Clan Entry) you’ll find immediately academy and clan for party playing. All the needed information by the game can be found in our Wikipedia and your companions - in a special Telegram channel.



Our personal developments

Are you tired of standard High Five servers? Our experienced game designer team created and implemented unique content for later stage of your character development. When other servers are dying from boredness, players of our server learn new mechanics and deep into new locations.
We’ve added new weapon Eternal rank (S84) (S84)
Redesigned locations Mithril Mines, Pavel Ruins, Archaic Laboratory, Seal of Shilen.
We’ve created new enchantment scrolls:
● enhanced by +2, but breaks if failure
● 100% enchanting, but only till +8
● doesn’t break if failure
● enhanced by +1, if failure decreases 1 level enchantment

New! Eternal weapon

The mechanics of the new weapon widen game opportunities — combined SA, including itself 3 effects, additional bonuses when weapon enhanced from +8 and higher and passive skills, these all change ordinary rules of the battle. For receiving this weapon you should make fascinating quest and fight the monsters in new locations, some of them are real disaster! Battles with other players for spots and not that easy farming of needed craft ingredients - all this won’t let you be bored, but it’s so worth it.

New enchanting scrolls and how to get them

The Forbidden Gateway not far from the Cemetery (Aden territory) are shrouded in the fog of ancient stories — long time ago on this place Einhasad sealed the entrance into the dungeon where Shillen hided from her anger. The rebelled goddess held an offense on her mother, and now all who are living nearby can see that revenge time is coming. Updated location now is a high leveled and hard farming area for new enchanting scrolls. Players feed the monsters with Goddess Blood Vessel, that will increase their characteristics and the quality of drop. Near The Forbidden Gateway not only are new monsters waiting for you but there’s also a new Raid Boss.

Start for 3 minutes on MWE

It's lazy for you to learn all this? Just do everything like on this video to get level 78, equip Rank S and 3-d profession. If you have problems on some of the stage — come to our chat-room in Telegram, regular players will answer all your questions and will take you to play with them.
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