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  1. when will you stop lying? i just wonder how can you live in daily, when your self know that you are full of shit xDDD you failed literally 2 times hero vs him, Aloq was full boost with full epic, never even went to your channel, it was you begging us for a fucking bow you beggar bomj trash, and i won you 1 period the hero gladi by keeping boh inside 5 minutes last match you ungrateful broken handed greek midget lost multiple times hero pw to shikiba, destro no competition clan was literally writing they cant kill aloq, nice underboost man, sadly our full epic set was on a trash gladi wh owas losing hero to some mediocre driver, and then got taken his glad away by a 0 boost 0 epics person @Kr0zEhello donut, how does each others asshole taste? reacting with fire, when kelta was telling tenz how you are pissed of akalyptos thinking in clan chat he has priority in everything and how you think he is debil? because thats the playstyle of these cocksuckers for years, playing with 30 drivers on 3 shifts, 2 parties protecting them at farm, pvp you only 1x2, until they have enough boost to win you 9v9 other than that, without these just average players who think highly of them selves
  2. blya, qrt was right, your delusions are insane 1. your entire pt was hunting me, calculating my points, and even one of your slaves said he miscalculated my points 2., i didnt even play next week xDDDD i played literal that period and took your shitty hero with 0 boost vs full epic and feed now close your mouth, stop the propaganda and go back ingame to slave to get frapsed more times ps: nice screenshoting best stat when the server was dead, and gladi was op with 8k blaster crits look at that list, literal 0 skills, before that u were even losing hero to boh
  3. man what are you talking about ancient holy greeks when you'd been the first to be dropped off the mountain, spending daddy's money on drivers and nolifing a dead game in 2022 with 30 people just to be worse than mediocre and to get frapsed by randoms whole server lmfao, this is not pride of greece, this is being a citizen of cringecity you forgot what happend? let me remind you you mean this kind of humiliation, with full epics and feed on your side?
  4. Better start stacking thoes soulhounds already, because you are already in deep shit for next period oh and ps: cya next period slaves
  5. some players from your party are just respectable and honest, as u see, he clearly sees and states how you have 0 chance of taking me down, unless you do this feed-camping with hard sweat
  6. for your info, i declined their money offer since week 1, as i already stated i do not have issues with money in my life, unlike these pve rmt slaves for 2k rubl a month
  7. bomj russian village citizen living out of l2 rmt on a monthly of 200 usd for 10 years already is also another insanity
  8. lose lose lose lose feed from cp feed from feed from cp feed from cp lose lose lose freed from cp lose lose
  9. вывод месяца: if you are too much of a trash that you end up 2nd behind the king by 450 pts, lets call the rmter pve slaves for bread and water, exp the abusable op slh which steals 7 buffs on lvl , exp daily 5 of them, sweat hard everday to be able to get 72 right by oly, then camp the champion in every wave, and give more relogs to the useless trash than the actual respectable victories he got vs decent enemies. 0% winrate vs nimpho, 0% winrate vs xsurg, 0% winrate vs amazingskills, 0% winrate vs valium, or literally any hard opponent he had this is not a lose to me, this is a win its a win showing you had to invest so much of your dear time with your 500 rubl month salary friends to just barely win the hero, you had the form an army, to take the down me i relax and live my life and reg oly every 2 weeks, meanwhile you have to torture your self, go sleepless and spend your parents money to get them soulhounds ready by the start of oly oh dear by the end, i started to eat your soulhounds, and later they will be just easier for gladi, next periods im going to reg into them and feed my self up to 800 pts again on them, this is the only period you could abuse them, enjoy the aura for 1 week, because on any server, on any class you will play, you will never touch it, where i will also play the bomj ebaniy whos talking about bread and water, i offered lets exchange photos and declined, why you compare your bomj lifestyle to mine if you hide because you know i speak to truth? get back ingame and work you slave or you will end up dehydrated @Cekatoz ouhh, the butthurt handless midget, cannot win poor gladi with broken mirage formula, came to forum to bark
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