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  1. In the patch notes it says that shadow weapons can be purchased at any level but I am still getting this message
  2. I think description of these skills is misleading... I was thinking that activating the skill will block pet from buffing specific buffs. Instead you have to use the skill to activate the pet to give buffs... On the other hand, heal and recharge skills are the opposite - need to activate the skills to stop pet from healing and recharging
  3. Little typo on the port here, dont wanna get people lost ?
  4. Question about melee vampiric effect: If I have 9% vampiric buff and I hit 10 targets for 900 dmg each am I supposed to heal 10*9/100*900 = 810 Or is there penalty for targets, like: 1st target gives me 81 hp back 2nd target gives me 40 hp back 3rd target gives me 20 hp back and so on...
  5. There should be a newbie guide in this spot in Dion I think?
  6. Can't seem to buy anything from the L2 Store, also it displays some outdated items/prices (from preivous server?)
  7. Premium store items dont show pdef/mdef
  8. Hello eGlobalizers, I will use this thread to report/question server features. First question is easy: Summoner Replace ability is missing, is that known? It was added Second question a bit more important: Newbie guide gives low lvl buffs for low characters, but adventurer's guide gives all buffs maxed out, even for lvl 1 chars. How is this going to be on live server? According to forum announcement lvl 1 chars will have full buffs max lvl
  9. Is it normal that mystic classes can not put +dex dyes? On the description it says 'Used by all classes'. I tried both +dex -con and +dex -str on 3 different mystic classes - doomcryer, SE and bishop. All of them got message that its unsuitable class.
  10. Is this going to be fixed before 15th or we will always have to change locale to russia?
  11. less than 2 days left until live, are we going to see all those custom features in the OBT before it starts?
  12. I also have the problem with game freezing briefly after a mob dies. It doesn't happen on every mob but when it does it's really annoying.
  13. noticed the same thing farming on place without mana herbs u run out of mana in about 5 min if ur over 50% weight its even faster
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