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  1. South america proxy dont work for south america players. u try enter nothing happens.
  2. Are tradable from starter pack.
  3. Me2 in same party, gm need fix it, its the second time this happens, when retards kicks u out form party at ending of boss. MAke not dismiss in laba or any dungeon from the game, if it are not open world make this feature to not dismiss any1.
  4. if u are a free player u will become a slave for donators. Free need create a buff, create a spoil/craft to 'TRY' make some adena selling shots who another free players cant buy because adena rate is so low if u just do grind u cant buy shots. But if u have money, u just can buy starter pack, won 10k shots, buy 1/2jobs and go ahead w/o stop. but if u a free player u will lose big ammount of time trying get a better gear/stufs D. But no dude, '5 years of exp for a best economy balance'. edit: And farm AA for dyes? nooo just buy some coins and get better dyes who free players will able to buy only after 2 weeks. Dude no kids play l2 anymore. This server never will be a retail like, just another grab money, will fail in 1 or 2 months like shockworld because of same problem.
  5. Ty for reply, can close the Topic. Now i wont waste time here. Ty.
  6. Hi, where i can see full donate list who will available from start? Because if all this features will be available from start, this server will be another p2w server. P if its sell everything why i will create a artisan for craft shots for example? Why i will sell coins donate from another player if i can buy everything for some coins in gmshop? Server sell lot of things but consumables i think is expensive, server will became a p2w rush land. Where is the role play? Server are 3x... (sry my bad english)
  7. Hello, im trying find a cool clan, and u clan have a nice describe :) Destro 39 Time to playe on week 3/4 hour on max and ever at night 19-22h(gmt-4). on weekend 6-8h :)
  8. ofc, where u think i learned to talk basic english? hahahah im brasilian dude.
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