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Found 13 results

  1. Здравствуйте Всем! Планируем зайти на сервер и немного поджарить жопки местному мидварчику. Стартуем костяком в несколько паков и будем рады видеть в своих рядах пвп-орентированные КП\МиниКП. По соло – все более индивидуально, если человек может быть социально активным и хочет активного движа на КМах или в других полезных Клану интригах, то также будем рады принять. Клан Вары будут подняты со старта. На войс апну Team Speak. В планах на старт – активные побоища на самых популярных и актуальных Спотах, Крепостях, Замках и в Мидкомпани, чем бы она не была 😁 По инвайту пишем тут, пм или в телегу на @AlexWM123 Hey there fellow gamers, We're totally down to welcome international PvP-focused Const Parties or mini CPs into our squad! Our goal is to dive into that mid war action and dominate the new Lineage 2 server. We'll be using TeamSpeak for voice chat to coordinate our epic battles. If you've got any questions about joining us, feel free to drop a message in this thread, hit me up in private messages, or reach out on Telegram @AlexWM123 Let's team up and conquer this server together! 🎮💪
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an international (or Polish) CP. I'm more interested in casual gaming. Doombringer 78 + GW + BD 63 If you're interested - PM me on forums. Cheers
  3. InnerConflict Recruiting Active English Speaking Players InnerConflict is an international clan of 10+ years, from retail and many private servers. Every member uses discord for text chat and voice chat. We are currently looking for CPs and Solo Players. A large majority of our players are from the USA and Canada so we are looking for active CPs during the European Timezone. All classes welcome, except for dwarves. Every player already has their own spoiler and we have three clan crafters with all recipes. All other classes can be fit into a party for pvp, so we welcome any misfits. Join in on the PVP for EPICS, Raids, Sieges. If interested, you must first be: 1. An active player 2. Fully fluent in English and able to speak well enough in voice chat to the clan. 3. Willing to use discord whenever in parties, raids, or sieges. Please send a private message to me in the forums if you'd like to join. or PM Riz, Devinea, Rasen in game. If you can't get a hold of these people in game, you may send a message through the mail in game to Riz.
  4. Clan 7 lvl, skills, wars, CH Aden, Castle. 20% Russiian, 40% Greek, 10% Polish, 10% Hispanic, 20% Other. Main chat and voice language - Engrish. Recruiting solo players 76+ (Priority EE/Bers), CP's 70+ (mage priority). TS: Warband.lineage.gg
  5. Tranquility Clan Focus: PvE, Raiding, Farming, Crafting. A friendly no-war relax clan. Clan Level: 6 Clan Hall: Dion Active Members: 20+ currently and growing. Website: http://tranquilityclan.enjin.com Tranquility - I've decided after so much searching with no success to start a clan for English speakers focused on PvE. Casual play is welcomed, and of course hardcore players too but don't expect mass PvP etc. This clan is for English speakers who want to relax. Hopefully the clan does grow into something more organized but for now this is just a new clan looking to bring relaxed players together. PM Ingame: FEARME / Sinnocent / Glorfindel or message me via forums for an invitation if interested or put in a new optional small application on our website and I'll contact you when I'm online. A lot of our members have invite rights, you can also ask them if you see a member. Website: http://tranquilityclan.enjin.com
  6. International CP lf Players (bp/ee/wc pref.) we are 9 people right now, but due some people working night shifts we want to expand. we're looking for english speaking players, Prime time is 18-24 (gmt+3). but since some players are playing at night/morning we'd like to make a second prime time, so if you're working night shifts don't worry, we'll make it work,TS3 and speaking english is a must. leave your skype here or pm me. CP is meele dd, average lvl 76~78 We have WC(78),BP(72) accounts ready for use. for any more info just PM me.
  7. Tranquility - I've decided after so much searching with no success to start a clan for English speakers focused on PvE. Casual play is welcomed, and of course hardcore players too but don't expect mass PvP etc. This clan is for English speakers who want to relax. Hopefully the clan does grow into something more organized but for now this is just a new clan looking to bring relaxed players together. PM Ingame: FEARME / Sinnocent / Geezer or message me via forums for an invitation if interested.
  8. Hey :) We coming here with me old clan . We do it international clan chat be english! We are lithuania people and we looking for some lithuania/english people alone or full cp. We looking just realy good playing peoples and cps. ( We need good players L2 Veteran ) Clan is full activity raid/farm/pwp and etc :) We looking international english speaking serious international cp dest/mages ! We will do in the server realy good international side ! We come here dont play for fun so be ready all ;) We looking full international / lithuania cp / or some groups And looking alone poeple play with cp or clan system with profesion write for me Still looking bishop/ee/sws or some good players of dd If you wanna realy action activity you need try join to the clan ;) Waiting start ! ;) Skype : deivisss461
  9. Now recruiting all classes as far as clan slots are available! Most needed: WC, SWS Level 58+ Clan is level 6 and have clan hall in Rune! Have TS3 server! Send me a message in game or leave a reply on here! ign: YouShouldGoAway if i'm offline try XayC or pRestige
  10. We Have: - International community - English only @clan chat - Teamspeak 3 server - Clan level 6 - multiple clan skills - have Royal Guard 1 - Active players (15-30 online) We Need: Players who can speak English (broken English is fine) =) Levels 52+ (players under 40 can join through academy and receive small financial help with 2nd prof.) Players who are interested in group play, so catacombs etc. Classes most needed: SWS, BD, WC, OL But recruitment open for all classes atm! Contact: CL: YouShouldGoAway RG captain: XayC 1 rank officer: MsKilljoy 1 rank officer: Sorcek Or leave a reply here :-)
  11. Hi Guys! We're a couple of players playing together since many years with expericence on some famous L2 servers and factoring clans. We start to play on this server as an archer's cp (competitive and PvP oriented) and looking for some active players. We require english speaking, Team Speak, nice personality and skill since we play to win. We prefer european players since even playing 15h/day is better to do duringthe same hours. To contact pm me in game on nick "bonq" or "JackDempsey" or send me a message on [email protected] See you in the game.
  12. Hey! So basically as title says I'm going to play Elven Elder and I'm looking for a clan that's here to have some fun, not to be the best :) I'm okay with material/adena taxes and of course joining major clan events like Castle Siege but I don't want to tryhard with waking up at 3 AM for subclass raid or going non-stop for first week or so... You know, just chill around :p I'm going to play mostly during the week in the evening hours (I'm GMT+2). I plan to stay here long-term. I'm also very loyal - I'm not going to switch clans just for a handful of Adena more ;) If anyone's interested, feel free to reply in this topic. Many thanks for all offers!
  13. INTERNATIONAL/GREEK ACTIVE MAGE CP (12+ h) LOOKING FOR MEMBERS Exp/Veterans, +18, Good behavior, Communication skill and a LOT of free time !! Set up: NUKERS: SpellSinger, SpellHowler, Sorceror/Necromancer SUPPORTS: BladeDancer, Prophet, Elemental Summoner HEALERS: Elven Elder, Shillien Elder, Bishop So if someone is interested and want to join you can reply here or send me a message. Skype: Feskas13 RaidCall: 12514855
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