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Averia.ws gives Gifts!

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Dear players!


I have a good news for you:

We all know that Averia is one of the few servers where the Administration really loves our players, and constantly strives to pamper You with interesting innovations, promotions and contests.

By tradition, each of You, can be one of the lucky owners of the Premium Account for 7 days.

Also you can get a bonus of 500 Avers on your Master Account!

For that's just enough to share with friends the news about of the opening of the server.

Just a couple of clicks and a little luck, and who knows, maybe YOU'll win


To participate you need::

1. To be a follower of our community in Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/

2. Share this post with your friends - https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/posts/227840220898688

3. Frotune 21.gif


Here you have to post a screenshot and link with repost from your page on Facebook!

10 lucky winners will get Premium account for 7 days and 500 Avers on their Master account, all participants will receive 20 Avers on their forum account!

The contest will last until April 15, 2016, the winners will be chosen by random number generator!:p

We are wish you good luck!)1282.png.cfc1a4d9e692fe53f1875aaa44ad44c5.png

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