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Stories of Grand Victory!

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Hello, folks


Until 9th May there are very few. And of course, we can't leave you without contest.

Victory Day this is a holiday which unites us all. Every family has a story and we want to hear it.

So, take a pen and piece of paper and ask your ancestors about those days. If you save the photo, share it with us.


[spoiler=For example]210011925_-1.jpg.0afd03416b4335fb32b9517ebf427e1e.jpg

My great-grandfather, Ryabkov Leonid Aleksandrovich, a native of Kostroma province, was born 8th October 1913.

In 1939-1940, he was drafted into the Soviet-Finnish war, then from the first days of the Great World War.

Fought in the Baltic in the artillery brigade. During the fighting for Leningrad in one of the Islands they were cut off from the mainland.

More than a year was the blockade. Rested on the fact that they manage to throw from the air. Grandfather told me that you never knew

when will be following food reinforcement. The food is almost eaten, and sucked to trick the body. When the spring came, and

got the first green, ate grass. Many died of volvulus, and not withstanding lashing out at her. After removing them from the island

he fought on the Leningrad front. While the siege was in the 50th branch of the art. brigade.

His primary military specialty was artillery gunner. But the war was finished in 864 infantry regiment,

in the reconnaissance platoon to the rank of Sergeant. To the question: "Grandpa, and scary for the front line behind the language was to go?",

I watched with sadness and replied: "Of course we were scared. Each of us wanted to live, all wanted to return home.

I was lucky, I came back and without a single scratch, after the three wars."

After the war with Hitler was drafted on the Soviet-Japanese war. Demobilized in 24.11.1945.

Has three medals for Bravery, for the Defense of Leningrad and the Order of Glory III degree.



The condition is perhaps only one thing is your history was not a copy.

The contest will run from 6th up to 20th May 2016.



1st place - 15$ on your WebMoney;

2nd place -15$ on your WebMoney;

3rd place -15$ on your WebMoney;

All participants will receive 30 to Avers on their forum account!


Never to be forgotten heroism of those who fought in the battle. Tell us about your heroes!

For flooding you will be punished. You have to post only the work!

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