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PvP Tournament on Averia x55!

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Dear players! Resently we conducted a survey where asking the opinion of the players about a PvP tournament on the server х55- We recited all posts and came to the conclusion that amount of players, who wishing to participate in the tournament is really large. The majority of votes were cast for conducting the tournament in 9x9 format, so I can happily say - the tournament WILL BE! Present to you:

The Grand PvP tournament 9x9 on Averia.ws x55 in March!

In PvP tournament can take part any party, that has characters on the server х55. To participate in the tournament group will use characters and equipment from Live server х55. The tournament will be held on х55 the server on a special tournament arenas.


1. PvP-Tournament Description

Tournament format: GvG 9vs9

Tournament beginning: 8th March

Server: Averia.ws x55

Equipment: Character's game equipment from х55 server

Participating: It's free, but you will need to register your self, last day to register on tournament is on 6th March 2017.

2. Registration for tournament

Registration for tournament will be available on Averia.ws since 26th February. Registration for tournament will be made by party leaders, where they will fill all the required fields in the form on the website. Every player must confirm within 24 hours after registering on tournament, if this was ignored, registration will be denied.


3. The scheme of the tournament

  • Qualifying stage: Rivals are randomly selected. Fights go until one wins. Arenas for the battle will be chosen by the Judges. As a result of the fights, teams move into the group stage and are allocated on the grid. For the results the winners of the elimination fights get into the upper mesh, the loser at the bottom.
  • Teams stage: The battles in the group stage are in both mesh. In the top grid teams have the right to choose the arena (each team chooses 1 of the arena holding on 1 combat), the combat takes place up to 2 victories. In case of controversial result, with the score 1-1, the arena for third fight will be chosen by Judges. Winners in the upper mesh will advance in the next round, losers will be dropped to the bottom mesh and continue the tournament by the rules of bottom mesh. In the bottom grid battles are conducted to 1st victory, arena will be selected by Judges. The winners of the lower brackets continue to participate in the tournament, losers are eliminated from the tournament.
  • The final: The team that will won all opponents in the upper mesh will battle for first place with the team who defeated all the rivals in the lower mesh.

4. The equipment of teams, supplies, andother nuances:

  • The teams go to battle in their equipment available on the server х25. Including pets, the equipment, weapons of any type and class, except for Heroic equipment (use of heroic abilities are also not available).
  • Restriction of the party structure: to the game allowed teams having no more than two characters in the class Healer (Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillen Saint);
  • Teams are allowed to use epic jewelry.
  • No restrictions on over enchant of the equipment and weapons.
  • The teams are allowed the use of CP potions of both species, the buff potions, CP, GHP, and other that freely available or in the store.
  • Not available the use of cans QHP and scrolls of transformation of any kind.
  • Teams can use the transformation learned by the character.
  • Teams can use any pets (including Foxes).
  • It is forbidden to use character's nickname for pets
  • Teams are limited in the use of Mana Potions: 30 potions' for 1 battle for all team. Potions is issued to PL, after which he distributes them personally. Mana potions will be given to the all team, directly before the battle. Before the summoning to arena, all party members should leave their Mana potions in the individual warehouse, otherwise the Judges reserve the right to issue a team warning;
  • Teams are limited in the use of Blessed Scroll of Resurrection: 10 scrolls on 1 fight for all team. Potions are issued by Party leaders, after which he distributes personally. Scrolls will be given to team directly before the battle. Before summon to the arena holding their Blessed Scroll of Resurrection should be left to the individual warehouse, otherwise the Judges reserve the right to issue a warning to the team.

5. Payout for winners:

  • Payout will be made within 14 days, after tournament has been finished, after tournament , winners will give out small interview (Q/A list will be sent to players personally) + add your /WEBMONEY/QIWI/to redeem your reward.
  • Players that where caught using 3rd party softwares wont receive any rewards
  • Players for being rude against other players or staff members, will get their rewards removed.
  • Payment will be denied if at least one member of the group who won one of the prizes, will be accused of RMT.

The distribution of monetary rewards:

1 st place - 50%

2 nd place - 35%

3 rd place- 15%


6. The time of the tournament

All the fights qualifying and the group stage will start at 9:00 PM GMT and end at 00:00 GMT.

The final fights will be shown after the qualifying and group stages.


The rules of the tournament:


1. The organization:

1.1 Teams that participating in the tournament must be ready for their fights in 15 minutes before the scheduled time. (For delaying the start of the battle if not the team's readiness, or other reasons, the team will be warned).

Every team is allowed to take 1 x timeout per day, this will not last more than 10 minutes

1.2 Every team in the battle has the right to take a time-out duration up to 10 minutes. (no more than one timeout in a one day tournament). In case a team takes a timeout after the announcement of their bout, but to the venue of fight, the team may make a substitution. If a team takes a timeout directly after a venue of fight, a substitute is not possible, the team will fight in that structure, which was summoned into the arena. If one or more players in the team have problem with entering the server, and during a timeout they were not resolved, the team has the right to start the fight without this \ these players, but team hasn't the right to summon/replace the disconnected player.

1.3 Upon notification by the Judge about the beginning of the battle of one of the teams, they will be moved into the battle arena. At this point, all preparation and replacement must be completed.

2. Step by step guide for battle:

2.1 Every player is allowed to fight for 1 certain team.

2.2 It's not allowed to flame or to use strong language i chat.(the team whose player broke the rules will be warned).

2.3 Every team leader is allowed to have up to 1 players extra. Leader can use 1 swaps per day(or a series of battles if it is the top mesh, or the final). After summon to the arena, replace of players is impossible.

2.4 All members should be joined to their tournament clans. Tournament clans are made by Party Leaders.

Tournament clan must have a level no higher than 5th, with the established distinction (quite a clan icon, icon Alliance optional)

3. Battle:

3.1 Tournament battle will be made in different locations, team leaders will be let know of their battle by PM or by Announce.

3.2 Before battle will take place, each team will have time to prepare their buffs.

3.3 Battle will begin by text "START", that will appear on screen

3.4 It's not allowed to use exploits

3.5 It's not allowed to logout or hold the beginning of battle by logging out.

3.6 Summoning players from town and safe zones while in battle is NOT allowed.

3.7 Battle will be counted as finished when any team member is leaving the arena or wont resurect withing 10 seconds

3.8 It's allowed to summon players, if they where under debuff fear and left the pvp zone.

3.9 If during the battle any Team got a technical problems with one or more players(Crush, disconnect), the team needs to bring the fight to the end. Further, depending on the decision of the organizers, the fight can be replayed or not.

3.10 The Battle is lost if all members of the team left the venue of the fight/had been killed and not rise within ten seconds.

3.11 During the battle allowed summon characters who have left the pvp zone under the influence of a spell of type "fear". (Call of sumoner, Warcryer).

4. Warnings and disqualifications:

4.1 In violation of project rules by a Player or Team the Administration reserves the right to disqualify the Team. (The team is responsible for the actions of their players).

4.2 Team using bugs or errors in software code during the battle, is subject to immediate disqualification.

4.3 Once being disqualified, team will be removed from the tournament

4.4 Every team/player can have 2 warnings, on 3rd warning they will be disqualified and removed from tournament.

4.5 When party leader is not giving correct or wrong information about teams, they can be disqualified and removed from tournament (Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility).

4.6 Team that is disturbing the work of tournament admins is booked

4.7 Team that is using not allowed items is booked

4.8 Team that will attack before "START" message on screen. If one of the teams starts the fight early, fight stops, and the team-the offender is booked

Disputed issues are submitted to the organizers. The organisers can take any decision regarding the matter under consideration (up to immediate disqualification of the team).

4.10 In solving particularly difficult issues, with the consent of both parties, the rules can be modified. These adjustments are effective only in solving the issue. The Tournament Organizers reserve the right to make a decision regarding the offenders at its discretion.



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