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PvP Tournament Prize pool - make a contribution and receive gift

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Dear players! Recently we updated main header on Averia.ws, where everyone can fund the tournament and receive special prizes as a gift! Total Prize pool is increased by every purchase!


Purchasing the Gift box you will have chance to win:

etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.png 250 Avers - 100% Guaranteed!

Also with higher chances you can win:

etc_soul_stone_i00_0.png SA 17-18 Level

weapon_mambaedge_i00_0.png Top and Mid Weapon

armor_t97_u_i00_0.png Elegia and Vorpal Sets (included all parts of the set)

accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.png Epic Jewelry (Limited / Original)

6.jpg All costumes that you can buy in Alt+B

If you want to get a box paying via Skrill/Paypal, then PM me. I will help you. :inlove:

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