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a little help to login in the server?

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so, i downloaded both the client and the patch from the your site's links, i installed the game files extracted the patch, runned averia.exe, did a full check (aka patched)


After that i push "start game" and i come up in a message saying "cannot run in this locale"


I did a quick search on the forum and saw that the problem was in Localization.ini , so i went in there and edited the language from Language=8 (russian) to Language=1 (english)


that didn't work so well , all i got was an l2 crash


Version: EP30_Global,NLS,V2110409,64
BuildDate: Fri Dec 09 09:18:59 2016

Time: 2019.1.15 23:57:14 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1]
PosCode: 0:0:0
OS: Windows 7(64) 6.1 (Build: 7601), Service Pack 1.0
CPU: AuthenticAMD  AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor            @ 4018 MHz
CPUInfo: 8,4,8,0
Memory: 0KB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (1735), Direct X is ver 0.3, rev 65220
VideoResources: 0 MB
MAC: 74-D4-35-E2-10-E3
IME: ???

Error: Assertion failed: retVal>=0 [File:.\UnCanvas.cpp] [Line: 5594]



So i went in the Localization.ini againg and this time tried Language=9 (europe) . This time it kinda worked, l2 launched and i was even able to login with my account,the only problem being tho that i see not a single character on any menu


So, is there any solution to this so that i can join the server or is it ment only for people in Russia that have system language set on Russian?




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To fix "LCID cannot run in this locale" error:


1. Download from our site the file Localization.ini from here - [MEDIA=googledrive]1Cp_mr27FQo5ZPfLBoBAAu0gpSkL3pRPU[/MEDIA]


2. Download it

3. Place to the System folder of the game client (with the replacement of the existing option.ini file)


It should help.

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I have the exact same problem when trying to get into this server.


If i set LANG to English i get:

Error: Assertion failed: retVal>=0 [File:.\UnCanvas.cpp] [Line: 5594] (the same error that op get)


And if i use the Localization file that you (Trolya) provided (LANG:Europe) i get:

Error: StaticMeshActor Lobby01_Classic.StaticMeshActor42: Serial size mismatch: Got 150, Expected 152


I have been browsing the net and found that people in other servers have had similar error and one of the supports of another server advise them to change "UNICODE" in system (control panel>language>location>Administrative>Change the system's regional settings>and choose "Russia". I haven't tried this because i don't know what this change is going to do to my system and if by any chance this change my OS language to Russian I’m screw because i don't know how to read Russian and i wouldn't know how to revert said changes.


I really don't know to do... this is the first time I’ve got this kind of error on any server.


P.S: If you could make a Torrent to download your client a lot of my friends would appreciate it, because they don't have fast internet connection and they hate direct downloads.


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And if i use the Localization file that you (Trolya) provided (LANG:Europe) i get:

Error: StaticMeshActor Lobby01_Classic.StaticMeshActor42: Serial size mismatch: Got 150, Expected 152


To fix this error you try to delete these files from the game folder:

  • L2_Lobby.usx from StaticMeshes folder
  • L2_Lobby_T.utx from Textures folder

Then run the updater Averia.exe (it's located in the root folder of the game) and make a full check.

If this won't help, then delete whole StaticMeshes and Textures folders and make a full check again.

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