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Hi gm's

i would like to ask you a question, is that normal that i waste 7 fc for lucky four-leaf clover, i used buff for 20 min from that hat, and in that 20 min of hunting my vitality bar doesnt move even for 1 milimeter ?


Keep in mind that you gain vitality under vitality replenishing buff in the same way you lose it when you don't have this buff.

Means that if your vitality level has more points, you will have to kill more monsters to increase level.

Information about Vitality level points that also described in server concept:

  • Level 0 → 1 is 240 points
  • Level 1 → 2 is 1.560 points
  • Level 2 → 3 is 12.800 points
  • Level 3 → 4 is 3.600 points
  • Level 4 → Maximum - 1.800 points

Here you can see the difference between levels.

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The hats are not useless. If your vitality is, for example, on 150%, you will not even see that green bar is moved and it is okay. There are much more vitality points on 150% bar then on 200%, so it rises/drops slower.


The key to level up fast and effective while maintaining full vitality is good knowledge for a player. You can drop your vitality to 175%, then use hat, use daily online achievement and go for exp (best exp is aoe ofc). If you have PA dont forget to visit Rim Kamaloka, the mobs there give you good exp.

Two daily quests from Adventurer's Guide also replenish your vitality - Succsessful Raid and Hall of the Abyss Kamaloka.

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Unlike kso_ in the message above, I do not know English at a sufficient level for a person. So I'll try to explain how it works in my own language.

So let's say you have 150%. The difference between 150% and 175% is ~12000 points. Killing a monster, you spend (or, while under the influence of improvements from the cap) - get-conditional 10 points. The number of points depends on the level of the monster, your level, and the experience you get. At the 80th level, you will lose and get already conditional 100-200 points, respectively, now - 10.

That is, in order for you to get real progress points on the 40th in 20 minutes-you need to kill hundreds of monsters in some creepy trains. So I recommend that you use caps to HOLD 175% or 200%, which are "lost" much faster. After completing daily quests, you have ~ 200%. How do You keep them? This question is answered by agathion and the clover hats. :)

Добавьте возможность отправлять ГОЛОСОВЫЕ СООБЩЕНИЯ на форуме.

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