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Ingame Auction.

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Dear players!


We are glad to announce Ingame Auction service on Interlude Rework x1!


This system is familiar for the most players but for those who don't know what we are talking about i'm going to explain.


Any player can add almost* any item for trade using our web service, which is available in cabinet. The seller just need to set price and wait.


List of currently available items for selling (this list will be updated in future):

Almost* - some items are not available for trade:



  • Non-tradable items:
    • Augmented items;
    • Items from starter packages;
    • {PvP} Items;
    • Other items.



    [*]Family Coins;

    [*]Quest Items;





The Auction uses special currency which can be:

  • Transfered to your game character;
  • Exchanged for real money.

Let's see how it works.


  1. Player_1 (Seller) wants to sell Weapon_hazard_bow_i01_0.jpgBow of Peril for 100 Family Coinsc03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png.
    • Seller adds an item using web service in cabinet.
    • The item is temporarily removed from player's inventory until item is purchased or lot is removed.

[*]Player_2 (Buyer) wants to purchase the item

  • Using account balance buyer pays 100 Family Coinsc03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png for Weapon_hazard_bow_i01_0.jpgBow of Peril
  • Gets item ingame.

[*]Seller pays 5% commission and gets:

  • 95 Family Coins on special Auction balance.

[*]Seller can:

  • Transfer coins from Auction balance to:
    • Game character - 95 Family Coins c03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png
    • Account balance - 95 Family Coins c03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png;
    • Or real money account: :
      • Commission is 20%. Until April 1st it will be 10% instead of 20%! Don't miss your chance!
      • Payment system commission 50/50 for us and seller.




Please note!

Comission until April 1st will be 10% instead of 20%!




The processing of applications will take place every Monday.

The withdrawal time will take up to 48 hours (depending on the payment system).

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