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MasterWork Project Rules

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I. General rules


1.1. User automatically accept project rules during registration. Ignorance or misunderstanding rules doesn't exempt from responsibility

1.2. Administration can make any changes in concept/rules without notifying players

1.3. Administration L2e-global.com can evaluate user's actions and punish them if it is neceassary

1.4. Administration isn't responsible for cases of causing damage to the player as a result of the game or other cases

1.5. Administration can but not obliged to return gaming stuff which has been lost fue to user’s carelessness

1.6. Administration can modify, change or delete data of users accounts.

1.7. Administration can but not obliged to provide info (some proofs like screenshots, videos etc) about ban reason.

1.8. Administration doesnt interfere to the gameplay exept cases which can pose damage to l2e-global.com data or other violations according to this agreement


II. User’s obligations


2.1. User agrees not to use the services provided by the Administration for commercial purposes:

  • a) The user agrees not to engage in the sale and purchase of game values, as well as game accounts/characters for real money;
  • b) User agrees not to sell/exchange game accounts/characters for game currency or game values.

2.2. When using the services, Users are prohibited to:

  • a) Use third party accounts (accounts that have not been registered by the User);
  • b) Account sharing (transfer right to other user for using your account);
  • c) Use abusive words or behave in a disruptive manner in game chats/ forum, etc.;
  • d) Use 3rd party software for analysing information about server’s work, any gaming imitation software such as in-game bot, any clickers (even official mouse software, for e.g. logitech) etc., or other programs for interefering to the game process (except for the implemented in-game Cyclic Macros - Find more);
  • e) Play at the same party with player who uses 3rd party software;
  • g) Use hacks, modification or defects of the game;
  • i) Cause critical errors for other users;
  • j) Create compound works, based on L2e-global.com resources, without L2e-global.com Administration's permission;
  • l) Impersonate Administrator of l2e-global.com;
  • m) Use similarity of textures or nicknames for deception of other players;
  • n) Use errors of gaming software, codes and interfere to game code or databases;
  • o) Create obstacles in game process for other players (for example block Gatekeeper with summon, pet etc.);
  • p) Pose damage to L2e-global.com (to take any actions aimed at damaging the resources of the Administration, obtaining unauthorized access to the resources of the Administration);
  • q) Trade game items/accounts between different servers of l2e-global.com or other resources and also using non-game contacts for trading game items;
  • r) Publishing logs of private conversation with Administration;
  • s) Use defects of the game for personal profit;

2.3. In case of any technical or legal problems, the User should contact the Support Service;

2.4. If you want to address to our Support Service you should submit an application via special ticket system on your Control Panel with detailed description of your problem;

2.5. When contacting Support Service, the User is recommended to provide detailed information regarding errors/flaws found (calculations/formulas of correct work, screenshots/videos that will help in investigating and identifying errors, as well as links to reliable data bases that describe the correct work). If the User cannot provide supporting information or provides incomplete information, then the Support Service has reason to believe that the information provided is unreliable.

2.6. If you submit an application to the Support Service, you must provide correct gaming/registration or other data. Support Service can ask extra question for identifying user and his data.

2.7. Support Service has 24 hours for reply after submiting an application by User. This time can be increased if it’s necessary with notifying User about any changes.

2.8. User is obliged not to provide false data about other’s accident, as well as disturb Support’s work in his application.

2.9. User is obliged not to provide false data to other user or Administration while submiting application to Support Service or cooperation in investigation like informant etc.


Administration has a right to admeasure the player's penalty according to circumstances and severity of rules violation, as well as increasing or mitigation the measure of the player's penalty. Administration takes decision on a case-by-case basis separately.


Сначала мы работали тяжело, а потом стали работать еще тяжелее.
По всем вопросам можно в личку.
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