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Saint A.L.

Stream without borders - 520$ for the most active and guaranteed gifts for all participants.

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Hi everyone!
The rules are simple - we throw a link to the stream here, we add it to the site, periodically we make announcements in the game and social networks, you get traffic.

  • Date: November 16 - December 14, i.e. 4 weeks. Then the promotion will be extended, but with updated terms, so stay tuned.

  • Prizes for participation: 520$ for the 10 most active users (52$ each) and a guaranteed reward for all participants in the promotion.
    A guaranteed reward are promo codes with content that varies from the quality of the stream - the duration, quantity and quality of the audience, the design of your sites, your content, activity and much more.

  • Content of promo codes:

    • spacer.png Clover High level
    • spacer.png Great CP Potions
    • spacer.png Great HP Potions
    • spacer.png Ivory Coin
    • spacer.png Sweet Fruit Cocktail
    • spacer.png Fresh Fruit Cocktail
    • spacer.png Blessed Scroll of Escape
    • spacer.png Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
    • spacer.png MW Vitality Pie (Full Vitality Recovery)
    • spacer.png Vitality Maintaining Potion (Freeze Vitality for 10 minutes)
    • spacer.png Vitality Replenishing Potion (restoration of a small amount of Vitality)



  • Stream recordings should remain on your channel. (For twitch)

    • Attention! IT IS NECESSARY
    • Attention! IT IS NECESSARY
    • Attention! IT IS NECESSARY
  • Stream name must contain "Lineage 2 MasterWork"

  • The stream description should contain:

  • Later, a banner with a promotional code will be added, which you will put on your stream.

  • Throw a link to your stream in this thread.

Сommon decency:

  • This promotion is DANGEROUS! Innova strangles freeshard servers streamers, and can ban your Twitch channel + throw strikes on YouTube! You participate at your own risk!

  • Do not do AFK streams, walls / fishing, etc;

  • In the description of the stream, as well as during its implementation, there should be no mention of services for the sale of game values and advertising of other projects;

  • During the stream, there should be no inappropriate insults to the Administration or the E-Global / Averia.ws project itself (We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but you need to know when to stop).

Award and its issuance:

  • Gifts are given 2 times a week (Wednesday and Sunday);

  • First distribution of gifts – 25 of November;

  • Cash reward issuance – 15-16 of December;

  • The number of prizes received is influenced by the time taken, the number and quality of the audience, the design of your sites, your content, activity and much more.


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