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Dear friends!

It's time for the next block of Gracia updates.
Having carried out serious calculations and not a hefty analyst, we realized that the update on the 5th will occur right in the middle of the Olympiad cycle, which can significantly affect its course. In this regard, it was decided to postpone the introduction of most updates, for your convenience, for 3 days, namely on 02/08/21, with the exception of a few items that will be marked separately and will be available before the start of the Great Olympics (02/04/21)

I hope you understand our train of thought, which means it's time to check out the new Patch Note !





 Inspector (Available from 04.02.21)

The parameters of the skills Appetite for Destruction and Magic Impulse  have been balanced.   The maximum level at which the skill is learned: 77;Appetite for Destruction:It was:

1st level: + 25%  P.Atk  / 25%  Crit.Rate  / 25%  Crit.Power ;

2nd level: + 35%  P.Atk  / 35%  Crit.Rate; / 35%  Crit.Power ;

3rd lvl: + 45%  P.Atk  / 45%  Crit.Rate  / 45%  Crit.Power  (at level 81, which is extremely difficult to achieve).

Became :

1st level: + 25%  P.Atk / 25%  Crit.Rate  / 25%  Crit.Power ;

2nd level: + 30%  P.Atk  / 30%  Crit.Rate  / 30%  Crit.Power  ;

3rd lvl: + 35%  P.Atk  / 35%  Crit.Rate  / 35%  Crit.Power (at level 77 of 3rd class  ).

Magic impulseIt was:

1st level: + 67.5%  M.Atk  / 12%  Cast.Spd / 85%  Mag.Crit.Rate ;

2nd level: + 77.5%  M.Atk  / 12%  Cast.Spd  / 185%  Mag.Crit.Rate ;

Level 3: + 87.5%  M.Atk  / 12%  Cast.Spd / 285%  Mag.Crit.Rate  (at level 81, which is extremely difficult to achieve).

Became :

Level 1: + 67.5% / 12%  Cast.Spd  / 85%  Mag.Crit.Rate ;

2nd lvl: + 72.5% / 12%  Cast.Spd  / 135%  Mag.Crit.Rate ;

Level 3: + 77.5% / 12%  Cast.Spd  / 185%  Mag.Crit.Rate (at level 77 of 3rd class ).

With the receipt of the maximum skill level, it can be improved (sharpened):Enchant now has a combined Time + Power effect.Appetite for Destruction:

Sharpening increases both the duration of the buff and the power of the skill, up to 30 seconds and + 45% / 45% / 45%.

Magic Impulse:

Enchant increases both the duration of the buff and the power of the skill, up to 30 seconds and + 87.5% / 12% / 285%.

Thus, it became slightly stronger for players who play it as the main class and slightly weaker if it is used as a "window".

Main ClassNow, upon reaching the 3rd profession, this sub-class can be swapped with the main one.

Note! This is an irreversible action. Having changed the class once - you cannot return your original maine back.

Limitation!  If you have fought at least one battle at the Olympiad on the main of this character, the change of the sub-class to the main one will be impossible during the current cycle of the Olympiad (battles).

When you change, the Great Olympics for this class will become available to you.

In order to change the sub to the main one, you need (corresponds to the Kamael base quest for the Sub Class "Seeds of Chaos"):

  Reveal hidden contents



 Epic Bosses  (Available from 08/02/21)

 AntharasA new Epic Boss will be introduced!

Level Granted: 80

Respawn time: 22 : 0 0 - 23:00 Server Time (23 : 00  - 00:00 Moscow time).

Rollback: Every Wednesday , 7 days.

First: February 10th .


A and S gr. equipment;

Earring of Antharas  - 100%;

1 Rune of each type with a 100% chance;

2 Villas of each type with a 100% chance.

 FrintezzaA new Epic Boss will be introduced!

Level Granted: 80

Respawn time: 21 : 3 0 - 22:30 Server Time (22 : 30  - 23:30 Moscow time).

Rollback: 5 days (not tied to the day of the week)

First: February 15th .


A and S gr. equipment;

Frintezza's Necklace  - 100%;

1 Rune of each type with a 100% chance;

From 1 to 2 Villas of each type with a 100% chance.

 Queen antThe respawn time has been changed.

Level Granted: 75

Respawn time: 21 : 0 0 - 22:00 Server Time (22 : 00  - 23:00 Moscow time).

Rollback: Once every 3 days, per day with Zaken (not tied to the day of the week)

Starting from the 7th .


Ring of Queen Ant now has a 150% chance  (one ring is guaranteed to drop out, the second - with a 50% chance);

1 Rune of each type with a 50% chance (a separate chance for each book);

1 Villa of each type with a 100% chance.

Note! Bottle of Queen Ant's Soul, which can be obtained in cities after killing a boss, is issued in the amount of 3 pcs. instead of 2.

 ZakenAn alternative passage to the ship has been added (it will appear after the restart on 02/08/21 , in fact, you can take advantage of this change on 02/10/21 ).

Level Granted: 75

Respawn time: 20:30 - 21:30 Server Time (21 : 3 0 - 22:30 Moscow time).

Rollback: Once every 3 days, together with Queen Ant (not tied to the day of the week)

Starting from the 7th .


Zaken's Earring - 100%;

1 Rune of each type with a 50% chance (a separate chance for each book)

From 1 to 2 Villas of each type with a 100% chance

 BaiumThe respawn window has been reduced.

Level Granted: 75

Respawn time: 22:00 - 23:00 Server Time (23:00 - 00:00 Moscow time).

Rollback: Every Friday, Every 7 days.


Ring of Baium - 100%;

1 Rune of each type with a 100% chance;

2 Villas of each type with a 100% chance.



 Locations  (Available from 08.02.21)

Isle Of Prayer 

Now on the location it will be possible to farm for a larger number of characters in a group without calling panther guards (up to 5 characters at a time);

The location itself will become larger - the number of monsters and potential spots will be increased.

Hellbound IsleNow the "Spot Port" location will become more relevant for farming:

The number of potential places for farming and pumping will increase.

"Green Spot" will be available immediately upon opening of Hellbound Island.

Note! There will be no need to manually unlock the island stages: they will change depending on the server stage.

The Quarry spot will be redesigned and available for farming.

The trust quest has been reworked.Now for the  Standard Caravan Certificate  you will need to not only bring a certain number of items from monsters, but also to participate in the killing monsters TIPHON , which in turn has been redesigned and is now in the ruins of the ancient Temple (Ancient Temple Remnants). 

This trust level will allow you to trade the items you need to upgrade your S-Grade armor ! Detailed information about the parameters of the sets will appear a little later.

Receiving the Premium Caravan Certificate will remain unchanged and will be available after the stage change. 

Please note that the Dynasty S-80 equipment, or rather the characteristics of its equivalent printed per class, will also be updated.

The entire drop at this location will be revised, and now it will also be available in it:

Recipes for equipment and weapons S-gr, Enchant Scrolls, Codes and Craftsmen, Life Stone and actual resources.

Other locations

Monsters under the city of Goddard  will match the chronicles of Gracia Final in terms of parameters and drop;

Monsters in the Silent Valley location will match the Gracia Final chronicles in terms of parameters and drop;

A number of locations of varying importance and levels will be reworked, while the rest of the locations will remain familiar to the server players.What will change in "other locations": 

Spoil, drop HP, Parameters, Stats, Monster skills, defense and damage system depending on ATT. 

What will remain: 

Drop: real items, instead of Common;

The logic of behavior and settlement in many locations (the current version makes it more convenient to collect locomotives, monsters in populated locations, for example, Varka / Ketra - more, and the like).



Arcana Sigil can now be obtained from:  (Available from 04/02/21)

Elroki (Primeval Isle) via Spoil ;

Judge of Light (Monastery of Silence) via Spoil .

Or knock it out whole from Instance RB Darnel .

More details about the cost of the upgrade and the actual set bonuses will be described a little later.

Rune of Crystal level 5 24-hour limited period  now works on S-gr. (Available from 04/02/21)

All types of Wolf fangs are now available for sale from Pet Managers; (Available from 04/02/21)

You no longer need  Books to learn the basic skills of the second class transfer. (Available from 04/02/21)

What to do with those that are? They can be sold to the store.

Why do they keep dropping from monsters? Do not worry, they will soon stop.

The Talisman system will be overhauled. (Available from 04/02/21) 

Now there is no randomness when receiving talismans. You can choose and purchase the one you are interested in.

Now you don't need epaulettes to purchase talismans. They are sold for adena from NPC Butler in the Talisman section.

The duration of talismans has been reworked:

Now talismans that give a passive effect will be able to act on the analogy with Temporary items (by analogy with runes);

Now talismans that have an active skill will have more mana.

The system of talismans will be further refined, without changing its basic logic and purpose, but making it more convenient for you.

Bracelets  Iron Bracelet,  Bronze The Bracelet,  Steel's Bracelet and  Mithril Bracelet also available at the NPC Butler . (Available from 04/02/21)

Note! They cannot be crystallized.

The Infinity MW Summon Bracelet has 4 talisman slots and has an active Summon Party Member skill that can summon your friend. 

Now S-gr equipment can be printed for a certain class (by analogy with S80 \ Dynasty). In order to get this kind of equipment, you will need a certain level of trust with the Hellbound Isle.

Protection of Rune,  Protection of Alignment,  Protection of Elemental  (Available from 08/02/21)

Can now be learned from level 79 by any character with 3rd class transfer 

Protection of Alignment and  Protection of Elemental  can be obtained from both Epic and Instance Bosses, namely:

Core, Orfen, Baylor .

Protection of Rune is only available from Epic Bosses .

Now it will be possible to insert an   Attribute Stone; (Available from 08.02.21)

It is now possible to insert {PvP}  enhancements into weapons and armor; (Available from 08.02.21)Weapons are available from Best A-gr .

For example: in  Naga Storm you can improve, but  Soul Separator cannot.

Armor is available from Top B-gr including RAR.

Add. information:You can : 

Insert stones and crystals of an attribute (new feature);


You can't :

Insert LSs;

Transfer, put up for sale.

All Raid Boss 70+ (inclusive) will add attribute stones (with a small chance). 



 Sweeper Festival  (Available from 04/02/21)

Cooldown has been reduced  from 20 to 12 seconds;

Bladedancer / Spectral Dancer and  Swordsinger / Sword Muse  (Available from 04/02/21)

Can now learn  Magician's Will with  Forgotten Scroll - Magician's Will 

Phantom Summoner / Spectral Master  (Available from 04/02/21)now gets a new skill: 

Corpse Burst  (similar to the Necromancer class)

You no longer need  Books to learn the basic skills of the second class transfer. (Available from 04/02/21)

What to do with those that are? They can be sold to the store.

Why do they keep dropping from monsters? Do not worry, they will soon stop.

Element \ ATT  (Available from 08.02.21)

Skills that are now tied to the "Interlude" spontaneous mechanics will work according to the Grace mechanics (Surrenders, Viknes, Resists, Auras, etc.);

Passive and Active skills (both for players and for NPCs) - will work according to the logic of Attributes;

The branches of skill sharpening for the corresponding Element will become relevant;

We remind you that:

In weapons ranging from B-gr. you can insert up to 150 ATT with Stones, and up to 300 - with Crystals;

In armor, B and A-gr. you can insert up to 30 protective ATT with Stones and up to 60 - with Crystals;

In armor from S-gr. you can insert up to 60 protective ATT with Stones and up to 120 - with Crystals;

1 type of protective ATT can be inserted into one part of the armor. The exception is solid bodies (for example, Blue Wolf Leather Armor), since up to 2 types of protective ATT can be inserted into them.



 City , for instance zones  (Available from 08.02.21)New (and some old) Instances can now be found in the new Cat City. Teleport to it will be available for free from any city at any level. 

What for? Thus, we will unload strategically important locations and cities, reduce the load on the server and computers of our players 

 Gemini  (Available from 08.02.21)The bliz zone instance will now become available. 

Level: 76

Number of people: 7-9;

Difficulty:  medium ;

Rollback: daily;

City: Cat City - city of insts;

Drop: Books needed to learn the high level skills of many classes that were previously mined from Gracia and Hellbound.

Note! Since the instance is available from a new location, the introduction of the Grace continent will be postponed until the next stage, at which SoD and Instance Tiata will appear.


 Baylor  (Available from 08/02/21)

The Boss Baylor instance is now available for play. To do this, the entire group will need to have one of the crystals obtained from other Bosses, namely: 1, 2, 3.

In order to get to the bosses you need:

A group of 7 - 9 characters;   

Level: 73 - 85 

Difficulty: high .  

 Instance entrance location: Cat City - the city of instances;

Rollback: Tue, Thu, Sat ;  

Note! For all Bosses in this instance zone, including Baylor, there is one cooldown, however, after completing any of the bosses, you can get to the Baylor if all group members have one of the 3 crystals.

 Core and Orfen  (Available from 15.02.21)  Now a new instance zone will become available, in which 1 of 2 RB is available to choose from.

Level: TBA ;

Number of people: 7-9;

Difficulty: medium ;

Rollback: Mon , Wed , Fri ;

City: Cat City - city of insts;

Description of the passage:Entering the world you see 2 statues. Depending on which one you talk to, you will be taken to a certain RB.Getting to Orfen :

  Hide contents

Orfen will immediately attack you, but she will be invulnerable. In order to remove the barrier from her, you will need to kill one of the two RBs, which not only removes her invulnerability, but also reduces the defense to either Magic or Physical attacks.

The boss that lowers P. Def can be found if you turn right and walk along the dome to the mountain. The Boss himself does not pose a serious danger, but still you should not neglect his strength.

The boss that lowers M. Def can be found by going straight to Orfen's lair and turning left right in front of him. This Boss also does not pose a serious danger, but it can also present unpleasant surprises.

As soon as one of the two Bosses is dead, Orfen will go to the lair and wait for you there. Head there immediately, as there he will actively restore health. Orfen's farm itself is nothing special:

Control the minions of Riba, who will constantly try to restore health and damage the Boss himself.

Getting to Kore :

  Reveal hidden contents




 Miscellaneous, but important

 New Year Event

From Thursday, 02/04/2021  -  Event items will no longer drop out ;

From Monday, 02/08/2021 - Real Santa Hat will no longer be sold by NPC  Emma 

The exchange of items with NPC  Emma will be available until the end of next week, from 02/15/2021 - she will leave the server until the end of the year, so that she will definitely return to us in December 2021 with new gifts

The great olympiadOlympiad period from 04.02 to 07.02 : 

the minimum level for participation has been increased to 70 .

Olympiad period from 18.02 to 21.02 : 

the minimum level for participation will be increased to 75 .

Noble status is still not needed to compete in the Great Olympics.

The quest for the 3rd profession has been simplified :  (Available from 04.02.21)

T EPER subject  Halisha's Mark, which are mined in the " 700 mobs", go to each character in the group, which they need for the quest. 

The Greater Wolf and Snow Greater Wolf upgrade is available for Fenrir and Snow Fenrir , respectively. (Available from 04/02/21) Note:

Fenrir are not only mounts and have full damage in PvP ;

When exchanging, pets do not lose experience. Let's say, by exchanging the 72nd Greater Wolf, you will receive the 72nd Fenrir;

All types of Wolf fangs are now available for sale from Pet Managers.

The VIP system now gives bonus slots in the inventory:  (Available from 04/02/21)

 VIP lvl 1 - +10 inventory slots;

 VIP lvl 2 - +20 inventory slots;

 VIP lvl 3 - +30 inventory slots;

 VIP lvl 4 - +40 inventory slots.

The second stage of the Clan Academy is  now available up to level 52 . (Available from 04/02/21) 

The reward remains unchanged, but you can stay in the clan and enjoy its benefits even longer!

The system of attributes and all their logic will be introduced . (Available from 08.02.21) 

This not only means different damage from players, but also from monsters. Be careful! Familiar spots can be unusually strong.

Cousteau's quest chain will be available   to make it easier for new players to start. (Available from 08.02.21)

Reward: As with other quests Adena Rate x1 .  

Quests  for Att in Rune or Aden will become available. (Available from 08.02.21) 

Note! You get not 2, but 4 stones. Stones still cannot be transferred (unlike weapons)


 A look into the future:

What awaits us in the second half of February - at the beginning of March : 

Leveling up to 83rd level;

Sieges of Aden and Rune Castles , Territorial Wars ;

Improving the location of Hellbound ;

New Epic Boss - Beleth ;

New Instance Bosses - Tiat and Ekimus ;

Extraction of Attribute Crystals (150+);

Loot Dynasty and Vesper Equipment;

Gradual change of locations (FoG, Stakato, Mithril Mines, Fields of Silence and Whispers, Giant Cave, Primeval Isle and so on - up to the level of Gracia Epilogue - High Five);

And much more!

From the start of the server, an absolutely phenomenal number of players have passed through our server , while the online server has been holding at the opening level for the third month already !

We want to thank everyone  and everyone , for your trust, for your loyalty and contribution, both to the development of the MasterWork server and to the E-Global community . We appreciate this and will continue to make every effort to create the best server just for you! Thank you very much!


In connection with the introduction of a large number of changes, we recommend that you not only use the  Updater , but also make a  Full Check .

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