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Premium Account & VIP Status

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Bless_scroll_r99_0.jpg Premium Account

Introducing you complete description of Premium Account and VIP system perks.
Note! VIP system is bonuses, cashback and loyalty system that is developed through spending Master Coins.

Please note! You are not spending Coins to increase your VIP level. You are spending coins for store items and gaining loyalty points for that.


Premium price and levels:

Duration and levels Cost
image.php?dm=V4M5.jpg 7 days

20 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin

Bless_scroll_r95_0.jpg 30 days

50 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin

Bless_scroll_r99_0.jpg 100 days

125 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin

image.php?di=1PA9.png First level VIP

Accumulate 2000 VIP points

image.php?di=DWES.png Second level VIP

Accumulate  5000 VIP points

image.php?di=R458.png Third level VIP

Accumulate 20000 VIP points

image.png Fourth level VIP

Accumulate 50000 VIP points



Parameter Bless_scroll_r99_0.jpg
1st VIP
2nd VIP
3rd VIP

4th VIP

Etc_vitality_point_i00_0.jpg VP

Holds Vitality level 1

Freezes your Vitality level and doesn't allow it to drop below level 1. Passively increases XP gain when hunting by 25%. Does not affect XP gained when killing Raid Bosses.
Br_cash_rune_of_sp_i00_0.jpg SP


Increases SP gain. Personal bonus. Increases SP gain when killing monsters and Raid Bosses.
Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena





+50% Increases amount dropped. General bonus that shares among party members when killing monsters.
Etc_wind_rune_i00_0.jpg Seal Stones





+50% Increases amount dropped. General bonus that shares among party members when killing monsters.
G_rune_itemdrop_up_0.jpg Drop





+65% Increases drop chance. General bonus that shares among party members when killing monsters or Raid Bosses.
Skill0254_0.jpg Spoil





+65% Increases chance. Personal bonus, works only if character has Premium active.
Fame.jpg Fame


Personal bonus. Increases Fame gained for participating in King of the Hill event.
Skill0077_0.jpg PvE Attack





+4% Increases your damage dealt to all monsters and Raid Bosses.
Skill0091_0.jpg PvE Defense





+5% Decreases all incoming damage from monsters and Bosses to you.
Skill0438_0.jpg EXP loss





-50% Decreases XP loss when your character dies.
skill0332.png Inventory Expand





+40 Increases number of slots in your inventory.
etc_piece_of_paper_white_i00.png Mailbox Expand





+8 Increases number of slots in mail system when sending mail.
Transform_Divine_Rogue.jpg Customisation 



image.php?di=QHKZ.png Global Elite Suit amor_evilness_cloak.pngpannel_intrepid.pngGlobal Elite Cloak amor_evilness_cloak.pngImproved Global Elite Cloak Personal VIP exclusive items.
Br_vitality_day_i00_0.jpg Rim Kamaloka

Grants access

Once per day. Reset: 6:30 server time.

+ grants access to instance-zone related quest

Skill0000_0.jpg Increased box number

Allows to launch additional boxes

Default server limit is from 2 to 4 boxes per PC, depending on server load.

Each box with active Premium status grants additional box, up to +2 beyond default limit. 


How Premium works in a group:

Weapon appearance;

Daily free spins

  • Vitality maintain - personal bonus;
  • If there are players without Premium account active in your group, all Drop and Adena bonuses will be shared and set to average among group members. SP gain bonus will not be shared.
  • If Bounty Hunter with Premium active is in a group with players without active Premium, spoil rates won't be changed. Spoil bonuses affect only Premium owner.
  • If Bounty Hunter with Premium spoils a monster and other character kills this monster, premium bonus will still be applied. If Bounty Hunter has no Premium and other character with Premium kills this monster, then bonus will not be applied.





image.png VIP status

Accumulating VIP points:

  • Any purchase made through web store adds 10 VIP points to your account per Master Coin spent.
  • When transfering Master Coins from your account balance to your character, adds 7 VIP points per Master Coin.
  • In-game purchases with family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (at NPC or in "L2 Store") - adds 3 VIP points per Master Coin.

You can track your progress in a special VIP menu:





vesper_cloack_i00.png Unique cloaks

When reaching vip3.pngetc_level_panel_lv3.pngVIP 3 and vip4.pngetc_level_panel_lv4.pngVIP 4 you can obtain unique cloak for free. This cloaks has unique visuals and bonuses.


amor_evilness_cloak.pngpannel_intrepid.pngGlobal Elite Cloak (VIP 3)

  • +200 HP;
  • +50% Weight limit;
  • Also has Hidden style, that hides cloak and shows only wings.
      Показать содержимое



amor_evilness_cloak.pngpannel_intrepid.pngImproved Global Elite Cloak (VIP 4)

  • + 300 HP;
  • +100% Weight limit;
  • Three different colors:
    • Black;
    • Red ;
    • Silver ;
    • Hidden (only wings shown).
        Показать содержимое


Do not forget that any cloak, including VIP cloaks can be unsealed to provide additional bonuses Cloak's Boost - CP.jpg CP,  Cloak's Boost - HP.jpg HP,  Cloak's Boost - MP.jpg MP speak to NPC Rylai in Giran Castle Town to unseal a cloak.



Etc question mark i00 0.jpg F.A.Q:

  1. +50% and х50 (multiply) - are not the same.
    • Example: х1 + 50% = х1.5 (correct), but х1 multiply by 50 = х50 (incorrect);
    • Adena bonus VIP lvl. 3 = +40% (not +25%+30%+35%+40% = +130%);
    • Base Adena rate is x1, with VIP level 3 = х1.4.

VIP - is not what you spend your coins for. VIP is a bonus to any Master Coin spent.

VIP can be increased not only through donations. For example you can buy Master Coins for Adena and then purchase VIP status at NPC and add points to your VIP level.





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