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MasterWork II: Vitality System

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etc_vitality_point_i00.png Vitality System
Thanks to this system you can get temporary XP bonus when hunting. Your character can have increased XP gain for several hours per day, from +25% up to 200%. 


In addition to CP, HP and MP status bars added new VP bar that indicates your XP bonus.



etc_vitality_point_i00.png Stages Vitality

  • Each stage of Vitality provides extra EXP bonus:
    • Stage 1 — +25% experience bonus;
    • Stage 2 — +50% experience bonus;
    • Stage 3 — +75% experience bonus;
    • Stage 4 — +100% experience bonus.
  • Vitality only affects experience gained for monsters. Experience from Quests and Raid Bosses is not increased.

etc_vitality_point_i00.png Vitality Consumption

  • Полная полоска Виталити - 20.000 очков:
    • Stage 0 → 1 is 240 points;
    • Stage 1 → 2 is 1.560 points;
    • Stage 2 → 3 is 12.800 points;
    • Stage 3 → 4 is 3.600 points;
    • Stage 4 → Maximum is 1.800 points.
  • Upon killing monsters character gains bonus experience but loses Vitality points;
  • The higher level of your character and the more experience you get, Vitality will spent faster;
  • When a character is created, it has 10000 VP points out of 20000 Maximum points.




etc_vitality_point_i00.png How to restore and maintain Vitality

  • Basic Mechanics:
    • skillraid.png Killing any Raid Boss;
    • etc_pig_adena_i01.png Completing Daily Quests:
      • ticket_i00.png Rim Kamaloka - from 1000 to 5000 points, depends on the grade that you will get after finishing this instance. Once a day;
      • ticket_i00.png Hall of the Abyss - 5000 points. Once a day;
      • skillraid.png Killing RB - 5000 points. Once a day.
    • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png Reward for speaking with NPC after Queen Ant death (NPC will appear in Ant Nest and at Gludio Town);
    • accessary_mithril_ring_i00.png Completing personal quests - Pailaka (10.000 points for 1st, 20.000 for 2nd and 3rd);
    • image.png Being Offline (4 points per minute) and being in Safe Zone (6 points per minute);
    • g_scrl_vitality_point_up.png Premium Account - holds your Vitality when it falls to level 1 and doesn't let it fall below level 1, providing constant 25% experience bonus:
      • 7 days - 20 MC;
      • 30 days - 50 MC;
      • 100 days - 125 MC.
    • br_vitality_day_i00.pngpanel_sa.png Vitality Rune - holds your vitality bar at level 1, providing constant 25% experience bonus:
      • 60 min - 2 MC;
      • 24 hours - 5 MC;
      • 7 days - 15 MC.
  • Please Note! If you have g_scrl_vitality_point_up.png Premium Account and br_vitality_day_i00.pngpanel_sa.png Vitality Rune at the same time your Vitality bar can not fall below level 2, and your bonus will be 50%.



etc_vitality_point_i00.png Items: 

  • br_bracelet_aga_mazu_i00.pngpannel_a1.pngAutoloot Vitality Agathion
    • Personal item with 7 days time limit. Provides two effects: 
      • Passive ability: Autoloot;
      • Active skill: Vitality Gift
        • When used: Instantly restores 5000 Vitality Points and maintains VP for 30 minutes.
        • Cooldown: 6 hours.
  • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Four-leaf Clover
    • You will use one of three head accessories image.png at random. Active skill: Vitality gain instead of losing.
      • Different accessory types don't share cooldowns, accessories of the same tape share cooldown;
      • Temporary items: from 3 hours to 30 days;
      • Active skill cooldown: 11 hours 30 minutes;
      • Effect duration: 20 minutes;
      • Vitality accessory items are personal. Cannot be traded/dropped/sold;
      • Please note:
        • Effect timer continues even if character goes offline;
        • Accessories of the same level share cooldown;
        • Different hats of the same level do not share cooldown;
        • Hats of the same type but with different level do not share cooldown;
        • After server launch only clovers 1-52 and 1-64 will be available. Higher levels will become available on later server stages.
      • How to get
        • Purchase in account CP web store or MW Store Butler in-game;
        • Taking part in promo or events before and after server launch.
        • By activating bonus codes. Look for giveaways in socials or in-game.
  • br_vitality_day_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Rune 
    • Personal item that permanently maintains your Vitality at stage 1, providing 25% bonus XP.
  • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie
    • Personal item. Fully restores Vitality upon use.
    • Cooldown: 60 minutes.
    • How to obtain
      • Goes as bonus item from Starter Package;
      • Taking part in events before and after launch;
      • By activating bonus codes. Look for giveaways in socials or in-game.
  • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Replenishing Potion
    • Personal item. Restores 5000 VP upon use  (12.5%);
    • Cooldown: 60 minutes
    • How to obtain
      • Goes as bonus item from Starter Package;
      • Taking part in events before and after launch;
      • By activating bonus codes. Look for giveaways in socials or in-game.
  • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion
    • Personal item. Maintains your VP for 10 minutes;
    • Cooldown: 30 minutes
    • How to obtain
      • Goes as bonus item from Starter Package;
      • Taking part in events before and after launch;
      • By activating bonus codes. Look for giveaways in socials or in-game.
  • event_energy_enchant_scroll_i00.png Other versions
    • Personal items that you can obtain during promo or events. This items will help you to develop your character. On MW1 there was seven large events and many small events. We won't stop on making more content for you.




etc_vitality_point_i00.png Vitality on Lineage2 MasterWork - it's visualisation of experience bonuses and it's more fair, because:

  • You spend VP only when killing monsters, that means you always has 100% of your bonuses;
  • You can save experience boost by simple actions;
  • Other than Exp or SP runes you have no time limitations for Vitality and its more fair for different players.

We are sure that this system is much fairer for all type of players and allows any player to get exact bonus from Vitality that suits him!




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