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MasterWork II: Starter Packages

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Dear friends!
Introducing Starter Packages, that will be available on a new MasterWork!

point.png General info:

  • "All in one" - contains everything you need for good start, also contains exclusive items.
  • The only way to get unique items like Mount bracelet, MW ring, Vitality replenishment items and MW cloak that can be equipped from level 1.
  • You can purchase Starter Packages on account CP web store and in-game at NPC MW Store Butler - for tradable Master Coins currency.
  • Coupons exchanger can be found at NPC MW Store Butler in "Packages" section.
  • You can exchange accessory coupons at NPC Battle Pass manager Rylai in Giran town.
  • All equipment items (weapons, armor, jewelry) are personal without time limitations. Cannot be sold or crystallized. Can be enchanted and have the same odds as original equipment versions. When item breaks during enchanting you won't get any crystals. Set items won't work with regular items.
Item Description 7549bb9cf15f66a0726a6fbef0a4ad4a.png Starter package (95 Master Coins) 81d81e6b49012acb5a072b8d6717d0d1.png Unique package (125 Master Coins)
efe79864de62455d193f5f664bf9cfaa.png MW NG equipment
Full NG equipment
3f77f1ba764e73cdfc0fbc44a46bca73.png Coupon: Weapon D-gr.
Coupon Top D-gr. weapon with SA
1 WEAPON of your choice
3 WEAPONS of your choice
39073553ed4273b51ace29bda2dd3f39.png Coupon: Armor D-gr.
Top D-gr. set coupon
1 SET of your choice 
2 SETS of your choice
68dac7202c953021b9056909baf511bd.png Jewelry D-gr.
Top D-gr. jewelry set

6458fd679795d0d847e357739a5721d5.png MW Ring

Unique rings
br_wedding_ring_f_i00.pngGreater MW Ring +24 M.Def | +5% PvE Def. -25% experience loss on death Active skill BSoE (cooldown: 1 hour)
br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngBlessed MW Ring +32 M.Def | +7% PvE Def. -50% потеря опыта при смерти. +20 слотов Инвентаря. Активное умение BSoE (откат: 1 час). Активное умение BSoR (откат: 3 часа).
d72005dc14fbacd78c76ad7eb53d52a7.png85c4c994fd071e1e828597e1359b71b8.png NG Shots
P. and M. NG SS
10.000 soulshots | 6.000 spiritshots
15.000 soulshots | 10.000 spiritshots
44b701d7d0b0d17378acc20f897d5ac6.pnga8213d4dea80568ec6f36cb683ebb8bd.png D-gr. Shots
P. and M. D-gr. SS
10.000 soulshots | 6.000 spiritshots
15.000 soulshots | 10.000 spiritshots
1f17997aa894b0ef7c553e8e2d5aa112.pngcc32a4ed8ffb885492992c457dc1f6c3.png BSoE & BSoR
BSoE and BSoR scrolls
7 BSoE | 5 BSoR
15 BSoE | 10 BSoR
c61039bd2429f37973fe2967c22a376d.pngeb81ddee2c2fe893f67b67253cff638e.png GCP & GHP
GCP and GHP potions
100 CHP | 100 CGP
250 CHP | 250 CGP
3b2ba44adbaa31c679c18f80e07484f5.pnga62ebade06da8ed83ed17a304cc773aa.png Buffs Cocktails
Cocktails 60-minute P. and M. Buff
5 cocktails
10 cocktails
f44f010561d4c7fca7253bb296cf487c.png92f343fb1c6d1cd4165dedc1f7908dd6.png Vitality Potions
Vitality Maintain and Recovery Potions
3 maintain potions | 2 replenishment
5 maintain potions | 4 replenishment
4468fe1490207f855d0f5dd6aec5c540.png Full Vitality Restore
Full Vitality Recovery
1 Vitality Pie
3 Vitality Pies
e9ea8abd86fe9fdb2949064d2b88c1c2.pnge9ea8abd86fe9fdb2949064d2b88c1c2.pnge9ea8abd86fe9fdb2949064d2b88c1c2.png Entrance Pass
Solo Kama, Group Kama, Labyrinth reset pass
1 of each
3 tickets | 3 tickets | 2 tickets
Bookmark_book_i00_0.jpgBr_flag_of_bookmark_i00_0.jpgBookmark_scroll_i00_0.jpg My Teleport
Consumables for /MyTeleport actions
1 Book| 2 Flags| 5 Scrolls
1 Book| 3 Flags| 10 Scrolls
96933f0dfb56aa2fbe8593f4aef920eb.png Accessory Coupon
Head accessory
f46bcdd805d06ce3926910e2a7ed5f33.png HP & MP regeneration
 Increase HP & MP Regen   while sitting - by 30%
For 3 days
For 7 days
e19dd19e77024799bc7e0e01fc2368b0.png Autoloot Agathion
Agathion Autoloot
For 7 days
For 30 days
golden_lion_mount.pnghz_frame.pngMW Mounting Bracelet
Mount - Golden Lion
, eternal
br_ring_of_friendship_i00.pngpannel_blessed.pngMW Summon Bracelet
Party member Summon Bracelet
, For 7 days
blackbird_cloak.png Cloak of the Stranger
Unique Cloak +150 HP
, eternal

  • a8213d4dea80568ec6f36cb683ebb8bd.png All items, including consumables, are completely personal. They cannot be transferred to other characters or sold to the NPC store, but they can and should be used "to the fullest" on your character ?
  • e9ea8abd86fe9fdb2949064d2b88c1c2.png Zone instance re-entry tickets can only be used once a day, so a day you can enter solo cama, group cama and laba twice;
  • eb81ddee2c2fe893f67b67253cff638e.png The GCP potions from the set, like their usual counterparts, have a rollback of 3 seconds (instead of the basic 0.66 seconds). This is done to balance the server in the first stage. Recall that them, like c61039bd2429f37973fe2967c22a376d.png - can be put on automatic use. To do this, just drag the existing potions to the skill bar and click on their icon - with the right mouse button. We have improved the ACP system so that potions are not used in "unnecessary" situations. For example, during Hyde;
  • 4468fe1490207f855d0f5dd6aec5c540.png MW Vitality Pie - completely restores the Vitality strip, regardless of how much Vitality% your character had. The cooldown for this exclusive item is 60 minutes;
  • f44f010561d4c7fca7253bb296cf487c.pngMaintaining of the Vitality Potion - suspends the spending of Vitality points when gaining experience (when killing monsters) for 10 minutes. Cooldown of an item - 30 minutes;
  • 92f343fb1c6d1cd4165dedc1f7908dd6.png Vitality Splash Potion - restores Vitality points by a quarter (5000/20000). Cooldown of an item - 30 minutes;
  • 3b2ba44adbaa31c679c18f80e07484f5.png Blue cocktail - Physical buff max. levels. Does not decrease when entering the Kama/ Laba. Cooldown of an item - 5 minutes;
  • a62ebade06da8ed83ed17a304cc773aa.png Red cocktail - Magic buff max. levels. Does not decrease when entering the Kama / Laba. Cooldown of an item - 5 minutes;
    • When using Cocktails, they instantly apply the main secondary buffs of the maximum level to your character.
    • Please note that after using cocktails, empty goblets appear in your character's inventory, which can be refilled or exchanged for fresh cocktails at Butler in the Supplies section?
  • cc32a4ed8ffb885492992c457dc1f6c3.png Not only restores all experience lost at death, but also casts much faster than a normal scroll;
  • 1c17670a01bd24eeb5e6fcb2f4baa30a.png Summon Bracelet makes it possible to summon a party member, who is wearing an analog bracelet, once an hour. This process does not require or consume Summon Crystal;
  • 1f7e2c9d91809b41471656e561c1e464.png Mounting Bracelet. All mounts have been changed:
    • No longer occupy the Agathion slot, they are in quest items;
    • Two new skills are available in the Mount transformation:
    • 2-minute invisibility from Monsters, which reduces P. and M. defense, and has a 5-minute cooldown;
    • Attracting the attention of a neutral Monster, similar to the item skills from SA.
    • Transformation is only available outside of the combat.
  • 6458fd679795d0d847e357739a5721d5.png MW Rings are a distinctive feature of the sets on our servers, their parameters grow with the development of the server, and in the future they will serve as a "discount" for buying donations. Be careful not to lose such a rare personal decoration during the game!



Best D-grade equipment available for coupons from packages:

    • weapon_life_stick_i00.pngarrows_red_pannel.pngMW Staff of Life: Acumen / Conversion / Mana Up
    • weapon_ghost_staff_i00.pngarrows_green_pannel.pngMW Ghost Staff: M. Atk / Magic Silence / Magic Hold
    • weapon_bonebreaker_i00.pngarrows_blue_pannel.pngMW Bonebreaker: Health / Rsk. Focus / Haste
    • weapon_elven_long_sword_i00.pngarrows_red_pannel.pngMW Elven Long Sword: Focus / Health / Rsk. Haste
    • weapon_claymore_i00.pngarrows_green_pannel.pngMW Claymore: Critical Damage / Focus / Hast
    • weapon_mithril_dagger_i00.pngarrows_blue_pannel.pngMW Mithril Dagger: Critical Damage / Focus / Critical Bleed
    • weapon_cyclone_bow_i00.pngarrows_red_pannel.pngMW Light Crossbow: Guidance / Cheep Shot / Quick Recovery
    • weapon_glaive_i00.pngarrows_green_pannel.pngMW Glaive: Wide Blow / Long Blow / Critical Stun
    • weapon_scallop_jamadhr_i00.pngarrows_blue_pannel.pngMW Scallop Jamadhr: Critical Drain / Critical Poison / Haste
    • weapon_dual_sword_i00.pngarrows_red_pannel.pngMW Bastard Sword*Elven Sword: Haste / Health / Focus
    • weapon_r_dualblunt_i00.png dual_dagger_i00.png Dual Blunts and Dual Daggers *
  • ARMOR:
    • armor_leather_helmet_i00.pngarmor_t43_u_i00.pngarmor_t43_l_i00.pngarmor_t43_g_i00.pngarmor_t43_b_i00.pngshield_brigandine_shield_i00.png MW Brigandine Set
    • armor_leather_helmet_i00.pngarmor_t42_u_i00.pngarmor_t42_l_i00.pngarmor_t42_g_i00.pngarmor_t42_b_i00.pngshield_brigandine_shield_i00.png MW Manticore Set
    • armor_leather_helmet_i00.pngarmor_t51_u_i00.pngarmor_t51_l_i00.pngarmor_t51_g_i00.pngarmor_t51_b_i00.pngshield_brigandine_shield_i00.png MW Elv. Mithril Set

Head accessories available for coupons:

  • 0ffa24f57899aff392509a746de0a05a.png




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  • 11 months later...

Dear friends! 

After the update, which was installed on the server on 11/13/21 , the Starter Kits were updated.
You can read more details in this post, and purchase them in your Personal Account .






The information provided below is valid from November 13 to December 4. Further sets will be updated as the server develops and the content will be updated.

Subject Short description etc_box_of_adventure_2_i00.pngpannel_wisdom.pngStarter Set etc_box_of_adventure_3_i00.pngpannel_intrepid.pngUnique Set
coupon_weapon_d.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon Weapon D Coupon for exchange for  the Best D weapon with SA x1 x3
coupon_arm_d.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon Armor D Coupon for exchange for Top D set x1 x3
coupon_weapon_c.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon Weapon C Coupon for exchange for C Weapons with SA x1 x1
coupon_arm_c.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon Armor C Coupon for exchange for C set x1 x1
accessary_elven_necklace_i00.pngMW Elven Jewerly Jewelry set D Yes Yes
accessary_necklace_of_binding_i00.pngMW Jewerly of Seal Jewelry set C Yes Yes
bookmark_book_i00.pngbr_flag_of_bookmark_i00.pngbookmark_scroll_i00.png Teleport Pack Items for using the My Teleport system 1 Book | 2 Flags | 5 Scrolls 1 Book | 3 Flags | 10 Scrolls
br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngMW Ring Unique rings br_wedding_ring_f_i00.pngGreater MW Ring br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngBlessed MW Ring
pi_high_agathion_bracelet_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Autoloot Agathion - Family Guardian Agation Autoloot 7 days 30 days
skill0148.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Blessing of Adventure Increased HP and MP regen while sitting - by 30% 3 days 7 days
br_ring_of_friendship_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with MW Summon Bracelet Bracelet Summon Party Member. 6 slots for Talismans. 7 days 7 days
blackbird_cloak.pngCloak of the Stranger Unique Cloak +150 HP No Yes
golden_lion_mount.pnghz_frame.pngMW Mounting Bracelet Riding Mount - Golden Lion No Yes
br_cash_soulshot_d_i00.pngbr_cash_blessed_spiritshot_d_i00.png D Shots Soulshot and Spiritshot D grade 10,000 Soulshot | 6,000 Spiritshot 20,000 Soulshot  | 12,000 Spiritshot 
br_cash_soulshot_c_i00.pngbr_cash_blessed_spiritshot_c_i00.png C Shots Soulshot and Spiritshot C grade 10,000 Soulshot   | 6,000 Spiritshot  20,000 Soulshot  | 12,000 Spiritshot 
coupon_to_accessory.pngpanel_rare_acc.pngAccessory Exchange Coupon Accessory coupon  Yes Yes
etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie Full Energy Recovery x1 x3
br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngbr_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.png Vitality Potions Potions of Energy Maintenance and Replenish 3 Potions of Maintenance | 2 Replenish Potions 5 Potions of Maintenance | 4 Replenish Potions
br_cp_potion_i01.pngbr_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.png GCP & GHP GCP and GHP Banks 100 CHP | 100 CGP 250 CHP | 250 CGP
br_fruit_cocktail_i00.pngbr_fruit_cocktail_i01.png Buffs Coctails Cocktails Phys. and Mag. buff sets 5 Phys. | 5 Mag. 10 Phys. | 10 Mag.
etc_scroll_of_return_i01.pngPersonal Blessed Scroll of Escape Scrolls of instant travel to the city x7 x15
etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01.pngPersonal Blessed Scroll of Resurrection Resurrection scrolls that restore 100% of lost experience x5 x10
ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.pngticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n1.pngticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n3.png Entrance Pass Repeated visits to Solo Kama, Group Kama, Labyrinth x1 | x1 | x1 x3 | x3 | x2
32_maxclarity.pngpanel_2.png32_meditation.pngpanel_2.png32_lifeforce.pngpanel_2.png Active Talismans Talismans: Life Force, Maximum Clarity and Meditation. No x1 | x1 | x1
yellow_attack_32.pngpanel_2.pngyellow_def_32.pngpanel_2.pngyellow_speed_32.pngpanel_2.pngyellow_regen_32.pngpanel_2.png Passive Talismans Talismans: Attack, Defense, Speed, Regeneration. x1 | x1 | x1 | x1 x1 | x1 | x1 | x1


Items to choose from that you can get with  coupon_weapon_c.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon With Weapon:

Hidden text
  • weapon_homunkuluss_sword_i01.pngHomunkulus's Sword
  • weapon_inferno_staff_i01.pngInferno Staff
  • weapon_mace_of_underworld_i01.pngMace of Underworld
  • weapon_club_of_nature_i01.pngClub of Nature
  • weapon_yaksa_mace_i01.pngYaksa Mace
  • weapon_samurai_longsword_i01.pngSamurai Longsword
  • weapon_berserker_blade_i01.pngBerserker Blades
  • weapon_cursed_dagger_i01.pngCursed Dagger
  • weapon_dark_screamer_i01.pngDark Screamer
  • weapon_crystal_dagger_i01.pngCrystal Dagger
  • weapon_eminence_bow_i01.pngEminence Bow
  • weapon_orcish_poleaxe_i01.pngOrcish Poleaxe
  • weapon_great_pata_i01.pngGreat Pata
  • weapon_dual_sword_i00.pngSpirit Sword*Raid Sword
  • weapon_r_dualblunt_i00.pngDwarven War Hammer*Dwarven War Hammer
  • dual_dagger_i00.pngCrystal Dagger*Cursed Dagger

Items to choose from that you can get with  coupon_arm_c.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon With Armor:

Hidden text
Set name Characteristics

armor_t60_u_i00.png Dwarven Chain Set

CON +3
If a shield is equipped: Any damage returned: +5.00%

armor_t61_ul_i00.png Composite Set

M. Def. +5.26%
Limit of carried weight +5795
If a shield is equipped: Magic Block +3

armor_t62_ul_i00.png Full Plate Set

STR +1
Max. HP +270
Vampire Effect +4.00%
If a shield is equipped: Shield Block Chance +5.26%

armor_t47_u_i00.png Plated Leather Set

STR +4, CON -1

armor_t49_u_i00.png Rind Leather Set

STR +2
Atk. Spd. +4.00%

armor_t63_u_i00.png Theca Leather Set

DEX +2
P. Def. +5.26%

armor_t21_ul_i00.png Drake Leather Set

DEX +2
M. Def +5.26%

armor_t53_u_i00.png Karmian Set

Casting Speed +15.00%
P. Def. +5.26%

armor_t44_ul_i00.png Set of Seals

Casting Speed +15.00%
M. Def. +5.26%

armor_t54_u_i00.png Demon's Set

INT +4, MEN -1
Max. HP -270
Chance M. Crit. +25.00%

armor_t57_u_i00.png Divine Set

WIT +2, INT -2
P. Def. +5.26%
Max. MP +171
Outgoing healing power +52



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