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MasterWork II: Open Test Server

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OBT: 1st of November, at 20:00 server time
Server launch: November 12, 20:00 server time

Click here to learn how to download files


Dear players!

MasterWork II Open Beta Test starts today so you should make sure that your game client and account are ok!
We understand that you expect quality access to both our web site and server in general after launch but we will ask you to check if everything works ok before launch and register Master account and game accounts and also update your client to have all latest files downloaded!


We also wanted to point our that this year it's not only our ambitions and ideas were the only challenge on a way to MasterWork II launch. Innova copyright problems, that caused promotion problems and payment systems issues, this and many more problems needed hard work to find solutions.
All this took a lot of time that we could spend just for server preparations but we did our best to bring you MW II. 
Some concept changes will be added during OBT and after server launch as we always did before. Please be patient. Our previous server launch was a good example of how we work and don't stop work even after months after launch and try to patch the game as frequent as it possible to fix any even smallest problems.



OBT info

All created characters will appear in their starting village areas with some in-game currency and Giran Town scroll of escape. In Giran you will find anything that is needed for tests.

MasterWork II OBT will be divided into several stages that will correspond to server stages:

  • Phase 1:
    • From November 1 to November 5;
    • Level cap: 60;
    • Key points :
      • skill0241.png B-gr;
      • ticket_i00.png Instance zones; 
      • accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Grand Olympiad;
      • etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00.png Farming stage relevant locations.
  • Phase 2:
    • From November 6 to November 9;
    • Level cap: 72;
    • Key points:
      • skill0242.png A-gr;
      • ticket_i00.png Instance zones; 
      • accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Grand Olympiad;
      • etc_fang_red_i00.png Farming stage relevant locations
  • Phase 2:
    • November 10 and 11;
    • Level cap: 79;
    • Key points:
      • skill0243.png S-gr;
      • ticket_i00.png Instance zones; 
      • accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Grand Olympiad;
      • etc_torch_on_i00.png Farming stage relevant locations

For all OBT phases there will be custom restrictions for equipment enchantingetc_scroll_of_enchant_armor_i05.png:

  • Weapons: +12;
  • Armor: +8;
  • Jewelry: +8.

For all OBT phases there will be custom restrictions for Etc_exp_point_i00.png character level:

  • Complete XP block after reaching 60/72/79 levels; 
  • After launch, on live server you will still can get XP after reaching level cap according to server concept and rates.

This changes were made to help players make tests in natural conditions.



🌐 Useful links:


📢 Socials:


📁 Files:



Note! If you already played on our server and have Master Account you will need to create only game account for MasterWork II server!


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