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MasterWork II: Start Today

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Grand Opening: November 12, at 20:00 server time

Click here learn more about game files


Dear players!

Today is the day when history of MasterWork II server begins, that means you should check your game client and game account!
Even if you didn't have any issues previously you should better double check access to our site and server, make sure your Master and Game accounts ready and your game client updated  with all latest files.!


Open Server Test has been ended and we want to thank everyone who helped to make our server better, test server maximum capacity, queues, items and many other things!
It's you, our community who motivate us work harder and improve our product. We really appreciate you and your support.
Спасибо вам!


Test Server stats:


  • Total 13.960 Game Accounts created
  • Total 11687 PvP
  • Total 1568 PK
  • Total 23610 Characters created
  • Total 214 Clans created
  • Total 64 Alliances created
  • 160 different characters achieved Hero status

Currency spent during OBT

  • 1.353.603.580 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
  • 18.207.743.683 etc_pig_adena_i01.pngIvory Coin;
  • 20.479.225.415 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena.





👁️‍🗨️ MasterWork II start

On Friday, 12.11.21 at 20:00 server time MasterWork II launches
Character creation will be available approximately hour before launch (without access to the game world).
You will be able to choose nickname, hairstyle, race, class and transfer your items from account Control Panel to your character.
Do not ignore this feature, it will help you prepare and don't waste your time when every minute is important.





🔧 MasterWork team launch preparations

We have done a lot of work on increasing server's bandwidth and client-server interaction.
Year ago we were not prepared to meet so many players that chose our project that was real hype. We quickly changed physical server for a more powerful one which helped us to handle the load.
This year it not the same, we started our preparations 6 months ago and it's not only physical server.

We managed to extend networking and make it 5 times better than it was also connect it to ports on l2 server itself. A lot of work done on packets that client sends to server, that helped significantly reduce lags and delays when more 1500 players meet in the same location and use different abilities. This and many other features helped us to increase maximum server capacity for players. 
We also managed to make offline traders count as not connected player. This change also enabled more space for players.

Queue system added for your convenience. 
This system will not be enabled from server start. We hope that we can process all connections without queue but if there will be too many players, we can enable it without server restarts. 

Why we are worried that this won't solve the problem completely?
First of all we want to point our that we've done things that original developers could not implement. That is true, we have done a lot of work but the real test is actual server launch with real players.
We expect many more players this year since community hype about Masterwork grown which means we will have to handle more than last year.
Work is done, tests are over and server security is set and we hope that it is enough.

We are not gonna stop working on server optimization and we really hope you support us. 
Together we are making history. Thank you for your trust, we will work harder not to let you down!





⚔️ Boxes on launch day

This is one of the frequently asked questions.
On the launch day and during server lifetime this numbers will change depending on server stage and load.
How many boxes can i load on start?
You will be able to simultaneously load 1+2 clients, but it can be reduced to 1+1 or even to only one client.
This will only depend on server bandwidth limitations.
The more unique players connected to server and server is closer to it's maximum capacity, the less boxes are available.




🌐 Useful links:


📢 Socials:


📁 Files:



Note! If you already played on our servers, you can log in with your existing Master Account and create your Game Account for MasterWork II!



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Dear players!

Character creation is available!
At the moment you can start choosing a nickname, hairstyles, race, class, gender. However, you will not be able to get into the game - you will be immediately disconnected before the official start at 20:00 Server Time.

Good luck at the Grand Opening!

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