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New season on MasterWork - November 25, 2022

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25 November 2022



The game of our youth (2003-2011) is adapted by E-Global through gaming communities.
For our mentality, for 1 server, once a year.
Read on and your Lineage gaming skill will jump up, or go and drink tea — it's You to choose.
I’m sure you’ve already figured out that tea is easily combined with reading. Our smarties

About team

E-Global is an expert and international
team from experienced players of L2. The youngest
teammate is 25 years, while the oldest 52 —
this year numerologists are in ecstasy. We focus
on quality — 20 out of 30 participants are involved in
game development, the rest are engaged in the delivery
of the finished product and user's support.

What are we doing?

  • Game dev
    • Development of the server part (assembler, AI, OS software, scripts)

    • Development of client part (porting of new client, interface, custom workings, attribute effects, creation of own models and effects, geodate)

    • Game design (general concept, patchwork, gaming hardware, balance and economy calculation, events)

    • Innovation testing

    • Development of mobile game: MW Epic Quest

  • Web Dev / Side Soft
    • Website development and support, promotional pages, wikipedia

    • Forum configuration and support

    • Creation and maintaining of a personal account

    • All web resources design

    • Bot development for Discord / Telegram

    • Updater development

  • Media
    • Vacancies - SMM specialist(s) в Insagram, Tik-Tok, VK

    • SMM - open вакансии for SMM professionals and content makers;in TikTok, Instagram, Vkontakte!

    • Creating of entertaining and learning video content

    • Creation of author’s illustrations, arts

  • Management
    • Project management and monitoring 

    • Product management and control

    • Searching and / or training of the specialized professionals

    • Internal and external user's support (scam analysis, bot-hunt и billion questions "of why it's getting crit")

  • Marketing
    • Advertising strategy development

    • Creation of promotional creatives

    • Targeting in context-media and social networks

    • Advertising analyst

    • Vacancies - media baer and target analyst

Want to know more details about the team's life
and the last events — read the diary "Papanda's adventures".
New episode is already here!



We've gathered your impressions from your experience with the game from C1 to High Five and logically linked to the update chain so you can remember everything — from the old mechanics with the craft of the first Bow of Peril to the collection of the attribute secretly from the wars under the hide in SoA.

To focus the emotions from the game, the project team has done a lot of work. The development stages of the server allow you to experience the atmosphere of development of the chronicle, as it was 10 years ago. Thoroughly rethought and redesigned the capabilities of each class have made their favourite professions more relevant than you are used to. And a hundred patches in 2020 and 2021 convince us of the seriousness of our project.

We take it slow, and you take it slow. Spare yourself from the tedious study of dozens of patchnotes to understand the features of the game. Gradual input of content, interactive learning and discussion of unfamiliar moments with other players will make the learning process interesting, and transition from the other projects painless.

Did you know that before opening MasterWork our team produced more than 25 concepts
on base PTC from IP to HF, from Java GvE to HFx50?

Let's remember the path
Of out team discovers!

Watch on Vimeo


More detailed about MasterWork

Please note — Threads with concept are going to be updated before OBT!

of the new season

New client and interface

Smoother game — Quicker response

It’s a terrible feeling when hit in a battle for 1,300 people on radar “feelings”, but the image is totally laggy. When the battle is in full swing, and when the camera turns you watch 5 FPS and the button "To the village".
The suffering must be in the past.
We have worked out the solution at the level of client, network and server optimization.

Graphics and animation are — more saturated

Even a powerful PC and high-speed internet can't overcome the limitations of the old game client. The new client is better optimized and let you enjoy the beauty of your favorite game to the maximum.
If your PC doesn't support high graphics settings, Light patch with light textures and animations will help.

The interface is more convenient in details

There's no dispute about tastes, however, we suggest to try the updated interface - it's more thoughtful.
If the solution turns out to be "not suitable for you" - will be added a feature to select between the old and new interface in the updater.

Even more Castomization

The range of decorations and costumes is regularly expanded.
We carefully choose models for new products to fit into the game universe.
We have given up the idea of shocking costumes from the latest chronicles, however, lovers to stand out from the crowd will be pleased with the new arrivals, including entirely the author's one.


The teleportation interface from the latest chronicles is more intuitive and visually pleasing than the usual list of locations.
And the ability to mark selected teleportation points increases the convenience of the gameplay.

NOTE: Directions with a footnote* — are added during the new season 1

Cooperation and the ability
to move away from the PC

We design a balance between live game / communication
and lose the ability for gaming 24/7 while remaining connected to the server 

Maximum 2 boxes 

First - always overloaded start.
Second - multi-box mode kills cooperation.

You can activate the second box with the PA or play mode as you wish.
The key message - together with the updated PVE system and NPC Buttler you'll feel the comfort of solo play but not enough to ignore the cooperation.
According to the situation, within a few weeks after the start, we reserve the right to make adjustments to this decision.

Circular macroses

Razer company raises the skill of a particular caste of players, but not everyone uses it. Some can't afford their toys, and others prefer to play with their hands.
There won't be any autobattle, important improvements will be made for the balance : 
- Minor changes to the interface

- Improved path search, you can "bind" the character to follow without getting stuck on each first stone.

Science - light, visit the library.

Go to the library, choose a book according to your level and get experience in AFK mode.
Not much but defenetly more than 0 :)
The function will be limited in use N hours / day. 
And while your character is in the library, we’ll reroute you to MasterWork Wiki, so you can upgrade your professional skill set, not just close the level gap with other players.

Hand play by > any automation

The development effectiveness of different types of players is very different.
It is logical that a solo player with online 2 hours per day concedes organized group.
Use all available exping options:

  • Library — read the book and get minimal character progress when you need to step away
  • Cyclomacros — automate part of the game actions and get average experience
  • Mini-group — 2-3 players can handle more challenging locations, so you’ll get more experience, drop and fan experience at the same time as the solo
  • Play in clan and organized groups — provides access to complex content that maximizes the potential of the game.

Combine the available options, but remember that only by gaming in group offers prospects for development.

Punishment system
and lack of software

Few projects are ready to boast of a complete ban and lack of third party software. We can. On E-Global servers, software is a rare exception, not commonplace.
Thoughtful approach to the development of a living community of players includes the updated PvE system, box limitation, cyclic macros, autoexping system "Library" and professional bot-hunting department. These upgrades and measures will make the gameplay more lively, varied and easier if you play slowly throughout the year.


Calm down from farming

Instance zones — relax,
and don't waste time
The task of the dange isn't only to raise the efficiency of the group in terms of time/profit, but also to give such content that could entertain both the most unpretentious grinder and avid PVE-players. There wiil be so many Dungeons that it would be comfortable to play and there will be time for an open world.

Unload online for updated locations

It’s no secret that MW servers are significant online compared to other projects. This certainly attracts, but also creates some difficulties. It can be hard to find a spot. We have actualized a number of locations compared to meth-alternative locations, which will allow you to find a cozy place without losing as a farm quality.

Content PvE update

Playing by hands you get more, always

Interesting exping

Location guardian

This system is designed to help players in cooperation on the same location, encouraging them for killing monsters on it. The more you kill monsters, the more common Raid Boss will appear “Location Guardian”, that will reward by pleasant drop.

Goblins - little bastards

Because of the space fissures in the worlds - started to seep in unprecedented goblins, who although they look harsh - actually harmless. However, their pockets are full of useful items. Catch them on locations and get a nice drop.


Updates in
penalty system

This system allows you to stay in your chosen location without increasing the penalty and effectively kill monsters.

Pigs - the souls of the banished RMTs

There's rumors that the souls of the banished RMTs still fly through the expanses of MW… If you follow them around and beat them - you can profit from the goods that fall out of their greedy paws.


The evil that came to the Elmoraden was felt everywhere. Some locations are more affected than others. When affected, the number of monsters increases, their strength is slightly reduced and anomalies appear, finding and destroying which - you can get a pleasant drop and various effects. Watch for alerts and help other warriors successfully repel an attack from outside.

Mini-quests right on locations

The residents of Elmoraden are concerned about what is happening outside the cities and have become more frequent travelers. When you meet these adventurers, you can talk to them and help them with their everyday problems. But keep in mind, the reward can be as useful, neutral, after all just dangerous. But it is definitely worth it ;)

Server-wide achievements

One server, one community. Under such a slogan, we decided to create a Server-wide achievements that would reward not only the player who completed a specific task, but all the players who contributed. In addition to the usual-personal ones, there will now be items that will be performed by all players of the server, such as killing 100 RB or 100,000.000 monsters and so on.


or content for small communes

The main feature of the new server — Mid. Company, gameplay system for mid clans.
This system creates content that is accessible only to clans,
lpayers and communities that make up the Mid-war.
In contrast to other projects' attempts to implement similar solutions, E-Global team was able to
technically limit the access to dedicated content for non-Mid-war players.
All players are allowed to participate in full-time battles for
original Epic Bosses and in a number of other mass events.
Alternative content for Mid. company includes:


New castles

now, when registering for a siege, we can disregard the intervention of strong clans. We have created new castles near Głudin and Orc Village. Only member clans can lay siege to these castles Mid. Company


Territory Battles

as with castles, only members of the Mid. Company are registered for territory battles of new holdings. Flags and event system are the same as the original.


Training Olympiad

No desire to participate in the e-Sports Olympiad, but want to test your strength in the arenas of the Olympiad? Specially created for this purpose Training Olympiad — here you can show your skill level of gaming. These fights don't affect the rating of the main Olympiad, and getting the status of Hero for training won't work.


Epic Bosses

the most popular content in the game — participating in killing of Epic Boss and obtaining unique jewelry. For Mid. Company we made copies of some bosses, as a reward for their killing you also get jewelry. Unlike the original, this jewelry is only available to members of the clan that killed the boss. This means that valuable items won't enter the market and won't affect the server economy.

Also pay your attention:

Localities will be created with limited access both in time and on the criterion Mid. Company on which you can farm, as well as fight your level opponents and kill Raid Bosses.
Joining the mid. Company will be partially automatical. Each clan leader applies for registration and access to special content in the usual way in the game, and our moderators will check whether the clan meets the mid criteria of Mid. Company.
Big-wara participants can sleep peacefully — your usual gameplay remains unchanged. In doing so, we will monitor, limit, and punish players who try to influence Mid. Company locations. We encourage players to be understanding and not to interfere with the enjoyment of the game by those who were previously limited by the basic L2 concept.
Mid. Company players aren't limited to new locations and content. They also have access to Sieges, Epic Bosses, and of course, the open world.


Bonus for the number of people in the party

The bigger the group, the more efficient the farm. However, the price of this — sharing experience.
The mechanics of the game provides a special experience multiplier for the group that reduces losses. We went on and increased this multiplier — gather a group and don’t be afraid to lose experience, because in the short distance you will get more!


Strategic camera

Experienced players know that information is the main weapon. Previously used twinks scattered in strategic places.
The new development of E-Global simplifies this aspect of the game and allows each leader to manifest himself as a strategist-commander. The strategic camera will allow you to climb over the location and explore the battlefield from all sides.


Buffs time-duration

The most tedious part of the gameplay is to keep track of short-term buffs and refresh them in time. We decided to spare players from this routine so that you could unlock the potential of the character without getting distracted by the details. Some self-buffs have been extended to 20 minutes, and changes haven't affected special skills such as Frenzy, icons, and similar. The rhythms are now valid for 5 minutes, but the ability to improve the branch skill has been removed "Time". In fact, the innovation is similar to modification of skills at early levels.


Clan quests

Clan quests are designed to enhance the socialization of players. The clan leader activates the quest, and clan members contribute as much as possible to the quest. In reward for completing the task, members receive pleasant bonuses.

Now the clan is not only the same badge near the nick, but also the common goal.


UI/UX a.k.a. Interface

E-Global team continue to work on the convenience and functionality of the interface.
You are already familiar with addons that allow you to better manage the group, communicate and set goals.
This season’s list of features is complemented by a number of improvements:

In Token system (symbols that can be placed over the heads of players) will have additional elements, because existing wasn't enough.

Take a person to a group and command channel now you can just click on his nickname in chat.

The window of your target will change the color, depending on whether the target is alive or not.

Many other changes, which you can find in the basic concept of individual themes/videos.

Final stage
MasterWork Eternal

MasterWork United

MASTERWORK ETERNAL — the final stage of the season opening, is a stage high-end content of chronics High Five with it's own improvements. We started developing the Eternal server in the spring of 2022 with two discoveries and the first server integration based on the Masterwork concept.

Most of the seasonal server updates are added to the base: skill mechanics, items, services. In contrast to the seasonal, it is easier to start on the base server with special mechanics and bonuses. Note that Eternal lacks some content from the early stages of the seasonal server.

The main feature of the Eternal server — quick access to high-level content via a specially created quest, after which the player gets enchanted S-grade equipment. The gameplay cap has been extended with the introduction of Eternal-grade weapons and changes due to improved equipment. In addition, several locations have been updated with unique content.

The amount of work and overall changes published : there and there.
On Eternal server comes fixes and updates, which are prepared for seasonal server.

For those who want to play MasterWork before the new season, remember the mechanics
or check your skill set in PvP — welcome to Eternal.

And for those who miss the L2 community, welcome to our telegram chat.


Masterwork Wiki - It is a comprehensive knowledge base that covers many aspects of Lineage II. The Wiki pages contain basic information about subjects, skills, Nps, quests and classes, articles about Masterwork mechanics and guides on various topics.

Wiki’s capabilities help meet the needs and challenges of players by filling in the gaps in gameplay knowledge. Experienced players turn to Wiki for accurate information, newbies to the project learn game features while reading articles and guides.

Each innovation in the game is accompanied by an article and, in the future, a video guide with a detailed description of the mechanics and the nuances of the update. Convenient navigation allows you to find any information interested by the player. Together, the Wiki resource allows anyone to adapt to the project, regardless of their experience in Lineage 2.

In conclusion, please note that the topic with the concept
servers on 90% match the previous season.
The main differences will be published by small
clippings in the safa cable channel and a separate topic.

OBT — 15 November, 20:00 GMT +3
Thank you for your attention, with love and with the highest commitment your E-Global & Averia


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