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MasterWork ll: Patchnotes

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Dear friends,

Today we are happy to announce our (and hopefully yours) long-awaited update, on which we have been working for several years (from the moment of idea, concept, pitching, task, to technical implementation and tests)!
- Is this a Spoiler?
- Is that Crafter?
- Is it a Dwarf with a sub-class on Sorca?
- It's a Gnome Mage! 😎







image.png introduction

MasterWork is a product that combines a classic-nostalgic version of our game with a modern approach to preparing and working on a product.
An important component in the work on the product is chips/features that could bring new elements to a rather old game without violating its authenticity and without breaking the usual rules of the game.
There are many examples of such changes/improvements:

  • The current client - this allows you to use new performance capabilities and visual components without changing the overall visual style of the game.
  • MidCompany - a system that (not yet perfect, but we are working on it) separates the main types / groups of players from the so-called "BigWar" and "MidWar", allowing each of the clans of a particular group to perform basic tasks against competitors of comparable strength . Does this change the general canons of the game? No. But this allows different players to get the most out of the game.
  • Rebalancing of types of locations - previously there were always locations for only one\for the priority class (magic locations\physic locations). We have rebalanced the monsters (their parameters, skills, mechanics) so that any location could be suitable for both one and the other. And in combination with the improvement of a number of "non-top" locations - now you always have the opportunity to find yourself a spot.
  • Judicator - now all groups can have a reworked class in their composition, which has a different set of skills, allowing you to both effectively defend and attack effectively. Combined with combining 2 bards into one class, you always have a place for him.
  • Class updates - since we touched on the Judicator class, it would be correct to say that all classes have been improved: they have become balanced, more playable and simply more interesting, which, in turn, has affected the composition of groups, which have become more diverse and provide an opportunity to show creativity, at the same time, claim a strong implementation and enjoy the game;
  • Simplification of the Sub-Class system - sub-classes on our server are in no way inferior to the main classes: sub-skills also work on them, they are not limited in level, almost all restrictions on taking certain classes have been removed (including the ability of kamaels to take other sub- classes other than racial) and they can use some hero skills. In fact, the only difference between the sub-class and the base is participation in the Great Olympics. Thus, the players received a huge variability within the same character, and the group - motivated party members.

    And much, much more .


As part of the overall logic and mission of developing the MasterWork product , we decided to create a new class of Earth Mage of the Dwarf race.





image.png Motivation

The desire to create something new and beautiful is one of the driving forces of our team. We never wanted to deal with "reopening servers from a flash drive" and as soon as we had a technical opportunity to conceptually improve the game, we immediately took up this opportunity.
The first steps in this direction were called Interlude Final - this is IL with various skills and mechanics from the chronicles above. If very simply - it was IL without kamaels, attributes and locations inherent in these chronicles.
Next was Interlude Rework - the pinnacle of the development of this development branch of IL, which solved most of the problems and led to a relatively balanced game within these chronicles.
Well, then you all know what happened .. His Majesty - MasterWork (not CSV, but a figure of speech🤪). After creating the very concept of step-by-step chronicles, we began to grind and improve everything that did not work correctly / not ideally / crookedly / rudimentary, etc. However, not uniform fixes.

As mentioned above - we have always longed to create something new , but creating for the sake of creating and updating for the sake of updates is definitely not about us. Perhaps any player who has tried our product will be able to confirm this.
This does not mean that all our solutions were perfect - some of them were finalized, changed, improved after their introduction. But they all pursued some goal and were motivated by some idea.





image.jpeg Why Gnome Mage

Many players like to take visually pleasing races and create Sub-Classes of interest to them (praise our concept allows us to do this, we wrote about this a little higher). The three most common races that are visually used for these Sub-Classes are:

  • image.png Gnomes;
  • image.png Orcs;
  • image.png Dark Elves (well, everything is clear here🤪).

According to this "research" we decided to take the Dwarves and create a new class for them - Earth Mage . If this innovation is accepted positively, we are ready to expand this system to Orc-Archers and so on. However, I will emphasize. ONLY if it is accepted by you, our favorite players ❤️.





image.png Basic provisions

When creating a new Mage class, we were guided by the following rules:

  • The new Class should easily fit into the game in all its components (party game, solo game, olympiad, PvE, PvP, etc.);
  • The new Class should be interesting , but not IMBA , so as not to create a clear skew in the existing balance;
    • We understand that we will not be able to create the perfect balance the first time, so we will closely monitor your feedback and make the necessary changes. At a distance, we will succeed!
  • The new Class at the moment (and probably next season) cannot be taken as a Sub-class . It will be available exclusively as a Foundation.
    • This restriction was created so that players who want to try a new class can compete with each other on an equal footing, and we, accordingly, get the most accurate understanding of class balance.
  • The new Class, of course, received new effects / mechanics of skills, however, it was important for us that it was conditionally equal to its fellow mages and could give competition, but not become an ultimatum.
  • Professions:
    • image.png Dwarven Mystic;
    • image.png Geomancer;
    • image.png Earthmancer ;
    • image.png Tectonic Sage.







image.png Lore

Greed is one of the dominant and widely known personality traits of Dwarves.
It was she who led them to one of the many mines in search of an important and valuable resource -
etc_mithril_ore_i00.pngMithril Ore . What was their joy when they stumbled upon it in large numbers. But everything was not as rosy as it seemed at first glance... After some time of intensive work, they noticed that the mine was riddled with dark magic and runic symbols unknown to them. Making their way deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth, they began to meet terrible monsters, permeated with that same magic. But it was nothing compared to the trembling of the earth, which came louder and louder. blinded by thirst of etc_adena_i00.pngGold, which promised them after the sale of resources, they ignored all the signs and met what truly terrified the world ... The huge Earthworm image.png Trasken woke up from a long sleep. They tried to lock him in a cave, but it was too late. The fight has begun.
How many Dwarves fell in that terrible battle... 

Realizing that they themselves could not cope with the power of the ancient monster , they called on warriors from all over Elmoreden . From all sides, indifferent, adventurers and curious people began to arrive in image.png the Dwarf Village . Gathering a worthy army, Luciena led them to the very heart of evil - Trasken's Lair .
The enemy was strong, but the warriors fought bravely! After many hours of intense battle, the combined army still managed to inflict
serious damage image.png on Trasken , and he dug deep into his earthen possessions.

Having made the withdrawal and paid a cruel price for their greed, the Dwarves left the mine. But something inside them has changed.
They have been so long near the runic magic that the entire mine is saturated with, that the Dwarves , who previously did not possess magic, felt the power to control etc_earth_stone_i00.png the Earth Element .
All the gnomes who were born after the battle discovered their magical abilities and became on a par with the great Mages of other Races.

And the mine remained abandoned. Now it is inhabited by monsters, and those adventurers who dare to visit the mine say that terrible sounds and tremors of the earth are heard more and more often...





skill32622.png Skills

We would really like to see the learning of skills, balance and mechanics of the new class take place in a natural way, i.e. through the game. However, we understand that the decision to create a new character is not an easy one. That is why we have prepared for you:

  • image.png A page on the Wiki , where you can find outthe full set of skills, their description, strength, cooldown, etc .;
  • Description of several skills with new unique mechanics, namely:
    • skill11770.pngNature Absorb
      • Description:  Deals earth damage to an enemy. Power 32. Activates the skill Natural Recovery;
      • Cooldown: 9 seconds;
      • Levels of study: from 14 to 25;
      • Study Cost: 0 SP;
      • Logic: An analogue of skill1234.pngVampiric Claw , which instead of a one-time recovery of HP - uses a gradual recovery (like etc_reagent_white_i00.pngGreater Healing Potion ). 
        • skill11570.pngpannel_blessed.pngNatural Replenishment
          • Description: Restores 45 HP every second. Duration: 5 sec.
          • Doesn't take up a buff slot
          • Works with:
            • etc_reagent_white_i00.pngGreater Healing Potion;
            • skill1229.pngChant of Life \ skill1256.pngThe Heart of Pa'agrio \ skill1217.pngGreater Heal;
            • skill32614_dw.pngRune of Rebirth.
    • skill32614_dw.pngRune of Rebirth
      • Description: Gathers the energy of dead enemies to restore your health. Restores 63 HP every second. Duration: 5 sec;
      • Cooldown: 5 seconds;
      • Learning levels: from 30 to 74;
      • Research cost: 30.000 - 850.000 SP (on the first and last level);
      • Logic: A kind of skill1151.pngCorpse Life Drain , which instead of a one-time recovery of HP - uses a gradual recovery (like etc_reagent_white_i00.pngGreater Healing Potion );
      • Works with:
        • etc_reagent_white_i00.pngGreater Healing Potion;
        • skill1229.pngChant of Life \ skill1256.pngThe Heart of Pa'agrio \ skill1217.pngGreater Heal;
        • skill11570.pngpannel_blessed.pngNatural Replenishment.
    • skill32621.pngRune of Repeal
      • Description: Removes several buffs from an enemy. Has a 35%% chance to remove 1 buff every 8 seconds. Duration: 20 sec.
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Learning levels: 48 to 74;
      • Research cost: 63.000 - 1.150.000 SP (on the first and last level);
      • Logic: Similar to skill1056.pngCancellation , which removes a few buffs (less than its original counterpart), but inflicts a debuff that, if not canceled, will continue to remove positive skills.





image.png Outcome

We are happy to create for you new elements of the game that could create interesting situations for you and allow you to explore the game that you have known for a long time. However, all this is only if you wish! If you are not interested in playing for another class, you are absolutely not obliged to do this and this will hardly affect anything.
However, we recommend that you still try something new and get new emotions, because one way or another, we are all here for this. 😉














We remind you that after a server-wide kill of image.png Trasken - Earthworm, you need to update using Fast Check using our image.png Updater .




with ❤️, E-Global & Averia



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