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First time playing e global, played for 2 months and i was shocked from the online, overall good features that help new ones catch up etc and decent gameplay outside oly ofc , then after a month i decided to reg oly, with 1 majestic set and 1 low A wep for my gear, and low lvl ofc,I wasnt expecting to farm pts but just to have fun trying this client..Here we go, the geodata is unbelieable bad, on my 20th match, i got stuck in fountain wall for 1,5 minute till i died rofl, and i saw this on satyricon too long time ago.But that was nothing. on every  match and mostly  on fountain, 4x4 arena my clicks didnt register(couldnt move) and many times i would teleport to my click. i tried everything, low details etc. nothing changed and i saw on videos that happends to some other ppl too.This and the fact that in 2023 there is no max in oly and ppl reg with +10 set bonus passives , +8 speed in oly (LMAO) made me to instantly stop :/ i realy liked the server , amazing experience but oly is a big part of l2 and the fact that oly on global is for the most outrageously Geared people and not the for Skilled ones made it hard for me to stay(imagine having a life and trying to catch up not only with levels,certifications,skills++,lvls,fighters will,atributes,belts,,augments but with enchant too )) just so you can play vs top enemies with the same gear PLUS epics).I hope things change on next global , its a very good project

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First of all we really appreciate that you chose our server to play, thats heartwarming 🥰. And for your very informative comment, thats also helps us to make game better for you and everyone! Thank you!
Olympiad on our server is a very complex system, where we make alot of work and tried our best in balancing players in "leagues".
I'll try to explain. 
First of all - today was the first day of olympiad. Everyone have their 30 points to start with(note, and previous heros also, who have insane amount of experience and gear). If i would try to explain first day of oly - i'd chose word "bloodbath", where everyone ready to fight with everyone. And, you know well, not every class is good enough against others(for example: bards, tyrr's, tanks etc have significantly more power in comparasion to Archers, healers, etc(you get the point). And thats the obvious balance side(where one class is good at something but not in other stuff).
Similar to that we can tell about gear. Not everyone have valakas neck, +10 sets and etc., but those people make ALOT of effort to make this happen and that gear to appear\enchant(we look on online and level on competition).
What i can recommend? Wait till "big bois" move to their 300+pts league and after you will have significantly more chance to challenge similar opponent(common sense).

What about stucking in arena's? Sorry to hear that, we make alot of work to make a game as smooth and pleasant as possible, but rough sides(such as stuck's on arena's and etc) can happen(i hope its like 1x1kk chance, but there is a chance anyway). If you can record some of that  - we will be glad to see and try to fix as soon as possible! ☺️

Whats about for all people who want to try ther best on oly but dont want to be SMASHED by big bois? We will have update soon, stay tuned :bongoTap:

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@Look I am a Pickle i dont know if other people mention it too but geodata in oly is very very bad, i am trying to help you, you must start geodata from the begin again and do it diferently, i played in many servers but first time i see so many consistent teleports inside wall, failed clicks, stuck in graphics , the guys you call big boys on e-global are the no life boys that have the most boosted char , thats why 80% of servers have limit +6 on oly to make it playable for everyone ++ more skill based / fair - balanced/ ++ makes the server last longer because 0 new player want to play with +6 wep / set VS +12 wep / 10 armor, think about it

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