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Gift Days by MasterWork

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Dear players,

Yesterday we encountered problems after installing a major update accessory_hero_cap_i00.png to the Grand Olympiad .
This update, which really required enormous development, refinement and reworking of the existing server core code and was intended to change the current look of the Olympiad, giving new emotions, updating the meta and simply improving the usual game.
At MasterWork -e we are always working to create new things, update old ones, remove rudiments and improve details. By listening to you, our players, together we managed to create something really good - a server with an interesting concept for many months of play.

However, where there are ups, there are also downs. Unfortunately, this is how the world works.
After analyzing the Olympiad, we collected feedback and experience over many years, looked at other developments and improvements, and set about creating a new global Olympiad system, which includes:

  • Fights up to 2 victories (Best of Three);
  • Arena Selection and Blocking System (Pick&Ban);
  • New Arenas.

We have been developing it for more than 2 months. And we were able to show you some of this functionality already on OBT .
Before launching on seasonal servers, we conduct thoughtful tests: we check globally for the system’s functionality, try to “break” the system and check all edge cases.
However, the only thing we cannot recreate in tests is the operation of the system on a live server. Truly alive. With online, with instance zones, with Epic Bosses, with killing a large number of monsters, spoilers, trading and PvP. Simply put, on the server under real loads.
I want to separately emphasize once again: all necessary, possible and impossible tests on our part were carried out. We simply could not check everything “above” this. This is not an excuse, the responsibility is and remains with us, but we really could not verify this. Just guess.
Assessing the situation soberly, we understood that this was possible and warned that difficulties were possible. Unfortunately, we were not mistaken...


Briefly and specifically:

The essence of the problem. We installed several updates, specifically:

  • Tech update parts are corrections to yesterday's situation with lags on Water.
  • Several client side updates.
  • New Olympiad.
  • Update to eliminate freezes and disconnects (in anticipation of the Olympiad)

A conflict has occurred between systems. We hoped to resolve this issue quickly and get you back into the game.



As was said above, the responsibility is on us. We admit our mistake and make a number of decisions so as not to repeat the mistake:

  • The Grand Olympiad will be restored following the example of the 3rd season of MasterWork, but only in the 1x1 format (without 3x3), but with new Arenas.
    • Development of the system will continue, but will not proceed until we are much more confident in its stable operation.
  • We announce image.png Gift Days!
    • This means that in the near future we will really give you various gifts useful for the game 🥳. They will be especially useful in anticipation of the next Patch Note, which will be installed on Monday.


br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.png List of Gifts!

On Thursday , players received:

  • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie - 1
  • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Vitality Clover for 1-64 Lv. - 1
  • br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% for ALL Levels - 5
  • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion - 3
  • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Replenishing Potion - 3
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.pngSweet Fruit Cocktail - 3
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.pngFresh Fruit Cocktail - 3
  • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.pngPersonal Greater Healing Potion - 150
  • br_cp_potion_i01.pngPersonal Greater CP Potion - 50
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n3.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth)
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss) - 1
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n1.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Near Kamaloka - 1
  • etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01.pngPersonal Blessed Scroll of Resurrection - 3


Over the next 3 days ( every day ):

  • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie - 1;
  • br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% for ALL Levels - 1;
  • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion - 1;
  • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Replenishing Potion - 1;
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss) - 1;
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n1.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Near Kamaloka - 1;
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n3.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth) - 1;
  • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.pngPersonal Greater Healing Potion - 100;
  • br_cp_potion_i01.pngPersonal Greater CP Potion - 50;
  • etc_scroll_of_return_i01.pngPersonal Blessed Scroll of Escape - 2;
  • etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01.pngPersonal Blessed Scroll of Resurrection - 2;
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.pngSweet Fruit Cocktail - 2;
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.pngFresh Fruit Cocktail - 2;
  • exp_book_d.pngpanel_2.pngNornil’s Records - 1;
  • exp_book_c.pngpanel_2.pngMitraell's Atlas  - 1;
  • exp_book_b.pngpanel_2.pngEinhovant’s Vedas - 1;
  • exp_book_a.pngpanel_2.pngArkenia's Grimoire - 1.


In addition to everything described above, there will be additional Gifts in the next 3 days :

  • One-time issue, Friday :
    • br_ring_of_friendship_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with MW Summon Bracelet - 1;
    • 32_lifeforce.pngpanel_2.pngRed Talisman - Life Force - 1;
    • 32_divineprotection.pngpanel_2.pngBlue Talisman - Divine Protection - 1;
    • 32_maxclarity.pngpanel_2.pngRed Talisman of Maximum Clarity - 1;
    • 32_meditation.pngpanel_2.pngRed Talisman of Meditation - 1.
  • One-time issue, Saturday :
    • pi_high_agathion_bracelet_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Autoloot Agathion - Family Messenger - 1;
    • bookmark_book_i00.pngMy Teleport Spellbook - 1;
    • br_flag_of_bookmark_i00.pngMy Teleport Flag - 3;
    • bookmark_scroll_i00.pngMy Teleport Scroll - 20.
  • One-time issue, Sunday :
    • etc_vitality_point_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngBox with Vitality Rune - 1;
    • skill0148.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Blessing of Adventure - 1;
    • dethrone_name_change.pnglv_benefit_panel.pngCoupon for PA or Club Card - 1.





We remind you of the rules of accessory_hero_cap_i00.png the Grand Olympiad for the current period:

Hidden text
  • Time:
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday;
    • 18:30 ~ 23:30 (check-in until 23:10).
  • Limit: 50 battles only BO1, 1x1;
  • Class, 3x3, BO3 - switched off;
  • Arenas: 9;
  • Waves of 30 people (but not more often than once every 60 seconds);
  • Departure to the Arena - 15 seconds;
  • Preparing for battle - 60 seconds;
  • CP/HP/MP regen - at the 50th second before the battle (10 seconds after entering the arena);
  • Fight - 300 seconds (5 minutes);
  • Return to the city after the Battle - 15 seconds;
  • Relog (restart): 5 minute penalty for registering the character who relogged;
  • Rewards for Olympiad Achievements (participation, victories, victories in a row) have been increased by 2 times;
  • Rewards for participation in the Olympiad in etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.pngthe Noblesse Gate Pass  have been increased by 2 times (considering that they have already been improved: 
    • Departure to the Arena: +400 etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.pngNoblesse Gate Pass;
    • Victory - another +600  etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.pngNoblesse Gate Pass;
    • Defeat - another +100 etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.pngNoblesse Gate Pass
      Thus, in total for each victory - 1000 NGP, for each defeat - 500 NGP (excluding daily achievements).
  • Based on the results of the Olympiad: 
    • Minimum number of points to calculate: 9 battles and at least 1 victory;
    • 1 point = 1000 etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.pngNoblesse Gate Pass when calculating rewards.



We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your trust and patience!
As before, we will continue to work on the development of the MasterWork product , however, we are neglecting the stability of access to the server.
Any restart is not negligence, but a necessity . However, even with this, we are working to ensure that there are no more (restarts) than necessary (fewer and carried out faster).

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