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Voting for us at

La2.mmotop.ru you are not just helping us to develop the project,

but also receive fine bonuses!



For your every vote you are rewarded with:

  • l2db.ru_themes_l2db_images_items_etc_magic_coin_silver_i02.png 300 Averinkas (For the first week of every month you receive 500 Averinkas every day)
  • 1fe32039e06bc781147d47bc199c719c-png.21714 1 Averia feather (Can be spent for purchasing unique and rare accessoires)



The assortment enlarges constantly. The brand-new clothes are:




We wanted to make sure you vote for us and get bonuses as often as possible so we put a kitty to the bottom left corner of our forum. Caress him gently and you will be automatically redirected to the vote page!

We certainly do not recommend to vote via SMS - this way is pretty expensive and you can probably get no bonus if you have already voted for free. Therefore this is the waste of time and money so the effective means is the free one.


See the next post in order to vote properly.

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How to vote


Step 1. Caress the kitten![spoiler=Screenshot]



Step 2. Be redirected to our page at MMOTOP rating website and click the authorization button which is to the top right[spoiler=Screenshot]screenshotuploader.com_i_1312_v9otg.jpg


Step 3. Log in using your vk.com or facebook.com account. If you don't have any, let me know and I will help you to to complete the standart registration process without any social networks.

Feel free to ask me for help if face any kind of difficulties.


Step 4. Find Averia in the rating list (or simply caress the kitten once more) and click the 'Vote for' button[spoiler=Screenshot]screenshotuploader.com_i_1312_nmkk6.jpg


Step 5. Drag the slider to the right using your mouse. Just as it's the iOS slider.[spoiler=Screenshot]screenshotuploader.com_i_1312_686p9.jpg


Step 6. Enter your character's name in appropriate field and pass a simple human test below (note: if you are a robot, don't even try)

Once done, click the big red button.[spoiler=Screenshot]screenshotuploader.com_i_1312_hx076.png


Step 7. Enter the game to check if you received appropriate bonuses. If not, let me know.

Many thanks for voting for Averia! Stay with us!

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