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Primes Clan Recruitment Topic

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Hey everyone.

I am the leader of the Primes Clan.

We are going to join this server and it seems that the competition will be strong.

Thus we are looking for some more skilled , fun guys to recruit!

A few info about us.

We are an international family that numbers about 30 core members.

We normally dont recruit but we normally dont play on servers with 2k or more people.

Since we now are going to we need a few more people to join us.

These are a few things that we need our members to have in order to join us.

#1 Decent knowledge of the English languge (this is necessary so we can communicate)

#2 We are looking for teamplayers , guys who put the clan before of themselves. Guys who play for the team.

#3 We play the game to have fun , we don't have any room for guys who flame and fight with others over stupid stuff.

#4 We don't care what class you 're going to play but we value people who can sub a support class when needed.

#5 We do not care about joining our TS all the time , but when we Raid , Mass PvP or Siege , TS is a must.

#6 Most of us live on a GMT +2 +- timezone. Also we do not have a minimum online time "limit" but we demand our members to be online for Sieges etc.

#7 We want are members to have a winners' attitude. We play to win , we play to be the best. We play to Rule.

Lastly i should mention , any new recruits will be "stationed" in CPs.

No1 will be playing "alone" in this clan.


If you think you have what we ask and you are interested , drop me a pm , or reply here.


Good luck to you all.

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Yes ofc , sorry about that i totally forgot.

I still cant pm any1 cuz i registered in the forum yesterday (i still need 4 days)

If any1 is interested feel free to contact me on skype.

my acc name is LP_z3r0 and my nick is Primezero

(search for LP_z3r0)

Look for the same avatar that i'm using here.

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