Hellbound: Caravan Certificates

Basic Caravan Certificate

For getting Basic Caravan Certificate you need to gather:

On location Caravan Encampment will wait Falk , he gives Basic Caravan Certificate

Standard Caravan Certificate

To get Standard Caravan Certificate gather:

You will be waited by Caravan Merchant Hude . Bring him the items, after which he will ask you to kill three bosses:

All three are summoned when you have Soul Core Containing Evil Spirit, that Hude will give you.
To summon boss meet Mystical Spirit

  • Regeneration time: from 4 to 5 hours
  • Random will be summoned босс
  • Every boss gives up his quest item, you need to collect all three

After obtaining

reurn to Hude and get Standard Caravan Certificate, that opens access to S Grade Essence, S80 Grade Essence , purchase of parts/recipes for S and grade equipment and Caravaner's Remedy, that saves from heat.

S and S80 Grade Essence

S Rank Equipment

Premium Caravan Certificate

To get Premium Caravan Certificate you need to speak to Caravan Merchant Hude and buy Magic Bottle.
One costs Scorpion Poison Stinger × 20

Once the Wounded Land location is open, fight the Chimeras. Use the bottle on monsters with less than 10% HP.

You need to gather:

After receiving all the items, contact Hude and you will receive Premium Caravan Certificate, which gives access to the purchase of Dynasty equipment parts and recipes.

Dynasty Essence

To improve the equipment of the Dynasty is used S Grade Essence, that you can buy from Caravan Merchant Hude

Pay attention!
On Masterwork servers Dynastic Essence II is not used

Dynasty equipment



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