Mid Company on Masterwork


MasterWork — is a leisure place for any style of players, regardless of their priorities, free time, and skill. With that attitude we are developing our project and it's concept. Rates, stages, class balance — everything was done precisely in pursuit of this ideology.

But the project's expansion, and it's popularity made us focus the aspects, that is still working by the rules, that is suitable only for a small group of players. We are talking about some challenges in our endless game, exactly about Castle Sieges, Territory Wars and Epic Bosses.

This content on our server is one of the most interesting features on whole market, because it attracts a lot of attention of different players! At the moment it became obvious, that even with all the loyalty to the time spent in relation to the result (in other words efficiency), this content was not fully available for the biggest part of our audience — players of Mid-War communities.

Normally mid-clans were able to fully pretend for the top positions in this kind of game content only as a part of bigger alliance, while losing its original autonomy, or after half a year, when big clans start loosing people. This is how our realms, same as our colleagues were living, until we decided to fix that!

Masterwork team presents unique feature named Mid Company, that is intended to separate main gameplay goals among different type of players.

This system is experimental and has no analogues. We made all that is possible, to make it contemplative and exclude mistakes. However, we understand that making this system full-fledged will require time and your participation. We hope you will be understanding and help us develop a system for you to have a pleasant gaming experience. We are ready to make regular changes, and will do fixes and improvements.


To get access to Mid Company, clan leader have to contact project's community-manager via Telegram — Safero.

You can submit an application after the server start, closer to the first sieges. Every application is considered individually to check the possibility of the clan to join Mid Company. We are considering many factors, that are assessed both individually and in combination.

Mid Company basic rules

  1. Mid Company available for all clans, except for those, whom the Administration consider as Big War
  2. Any unions and alliances remain at the discretion of the players; the Administration does not tamper at this moment
  3. The administration has the right to refuse access to Mid Company without providing a reason
  4. Entrance to Mid Company is carried out once every 14 days, on Friday before the sieges. In some cases it is possible changes outside of schedule
  5. Withdrawal from Mid Company can be made at any moment
  6. In case of withdrawal from Mid Company of the clan that owns the castle, it will be transferred to the NPC
  7. If at check-point date (once every 14 day) — clan/ alliance/ union killed ALL Dents in these 14 days, then it will be removed from Mid Company for a 2 week period
    • We are talking about outright dominance. The administration reserves the right to keep or withdraw clan(s) out of Mid Company, depending on the current situation
    • Dissolution of the Alliance does not reset the counter of killed Dents
  8. It is not possible to register twin clans on Mid castles. If you decide to collect a powerful coalition, and no one registers for the siege of your castle — it's your concern. Twink Clans are also not allowed in Mid Company
  9. These rules are a basic template with the possibility of adjustment by the Administration, based on the game situation

Pay attention!

These rules are not strict and final regulations of the Mid Company system. If necessary, Administration has the right to make a decision that does not comply with these rules or make changes to them.

An example of monitoring the activity of clans and making decisions regarding their location in Mid Company:

Clans A, B and C united in the Alliance and kill Dent without any resistance. Other clans participating in Mid Company “don’t want and can’t” fight this Alliance. Administration decides to exclude clans A, B and C from Mid Company for a 2-week period.

Moreover, if A, B and C killed 3 Dents out of 3, but inside Mid Company an interesting competition takes place, in this case Administration reserves the opportunity to leave clans A, B and C in Mid Company.

If clans A, B and C make an agreement among themselves, and the first Dent is taken by clan A, the second by clan B, and the third by clan C, Administration evaluates their relationship as an alliance, and has the right to exclude these clans from Mid Company.

Castles and sieges

New castles have been added to the game specifically for the Mid Company:

  • Talking Isle Castle
  • Gludin Castle
  • Elven Castle
  • Dark Elven Castle
  • Orc Castle
  • Dwarven Castle

If necessary, the following can also be added:

  • Kamael Castle
  • Arcan Castle

In addition to be placed in a new locations, the castles are redesigned and are completely different from regular castles.

New castles have all the bonuses and privileges of regular castles, except the manor system and taxes.

Mid Company castle l2

Castle sieges terms and conditions:

  • Access to registration is only available to clans participating in Mid Company
  • Standard duration of sieges is 2 hours
  • Only Mid Company clan members may be located inside the siege zone and near it

Pay attention!

All characters, who are not Mid Company participants, will be automatically teleported far away the siege zone.

We also ask players, who is not participating in the Mid Company, to not attempt to avoid the security from intrusion, and take any part in Mid Company events. If you try to break or bypass the rules, penalties may be applied to your character.

Territory Wars

Territory Wars are also available for Mid Company and new castles. Their mechanics and are equal to general TW, but there are also a number of restrictions:

  • Mid Company member, who owns the regular castle — can also participate at TW for Mid Company
  • Mid Company members, who owns the regular castle — CAN'T place a tent to move regular castle flag into a new castle
  • Mid Company members, who owns the new castle — can visit a regular TW area
  • Mid Company members, who owns the new castle — CAN'T place a tent to move regular castle flag into a new castle
  • NON Mid Company members, who owns the regular castle — CAN'T visit TW area of a new castles. Area of Territory Wars for Mid Company available exclusively to members of clans, who are in a Mid Company
  • There are a restriction on Flags for a new castles — one Mid Company castle can only handle maximum 4 flags from 6 available


  • Clans, that own castles, will be automatically registered for the territory of their castle
  • The leader of the Mid Company clan can register his clan for any castle - new or regular
  • Personal registration for members of the Mid Company clan is not available! The leader registers the entire clan
  • Single players (non-clan or clan members), who are not members of Mid Company CAN'T register for new castles territory

A few examples:

Mid Company member owns the Orc Castle

  • Can do:
    • Move around the territory of Mid Company castles
    • Set up a "Tent" on Mid Company castles
    • Move around the territory of regular castles
  • Can't do:
    • Set up a "Tent" at the regular castle

Mid Company member owns the Aden Castle

  • Can do:
    • Move around the territory of Mid Company castles
    • Set up a "Tent" on a regular castles
    • Move around the territory of regular castles
  • Can't do:
    • Set up a "Tent" on Mid Company castles

NON Mid Company member owns the Giran Castle

  • Can do:
    • Move around the territory of regular castles
    • Set up a "Tent" on a regular castles
  • Can't do:
    • Move around the territory of Mid Company castles and set up a "Tent"

What are these restrictions for? To keep new and regular castle flags in their boundaries

Orc Castle owner should not and cannot have a flag of Aden Castle

At the same time, the owner of the Aden Castle should not and cannot have a flag of Orc Castle

New flag bonuses:


Dent Mid Company l2

Dent The Dark Knight Lv. 85 — new epic boss, designed by Masterwork team specially for Mid Company.

The battle with Dent takes place every 5 days, entrance to bosses location opens at 20:30 server time (UTC+2).

Special NPC Hunter MAD , teleports Mid Company participants to Dent's battle zone. Hunter can be found at:

  • Glidin
  • Talking Island Village
  • Elven Village
  • Dark Elf Village
  • Orc Village
  • Dwarven Village
Hunter Glidin l2
Hunter Talking Island Village l2
Hunter Elven Village l2
Hunter Dark Elf Village l2
Hunter Orc Village l2
Hunter Dwarven Village l2

Path to boss

After conversation with Hunted you will be moved to the peace zone at Dent's castle territory. Outside the starting zone players can attack each other as usual.

There are to ways to reach Dent — right, by the main road, and the side way, by using teleport.

Right path — the road to the castle gate.

Exit from the gate in the starting area

Left path — teleport. Go down the stairs on the left of the starting area and run straight to the altar. There you will find NPC Lapathia , who can move you to the one of two areas — an altar near the starting peace zone and an altar near the castle gate.

Path from starting area
Altar near starting zone
Altar near castle gate

Both paths ends near Dent's castle gate. At the square in front of the gates you will meet a raid boss — Bane Doorkeeper Lv. 85 . Defeat the gatekeeper to open the gate.

Pay attention!

Characters attacking Bane automatically go into combat (flag) mode, as if attacked other character.

In the castle courtyard you will see Teleport Device , that will move you to Dent's arena. Each player must teleport independently.

Pay attention!

Dent will appear in 20 minutes after the first player enters the arena.

After Dent appears, the entrance to the arena will be closed.

Battle tactics

The fight with Dent is not difficult: the boss uses three mass destruction skills — Poison, Pull and Stun.

Pull affects all character in the average ranged skill distance area. Beware of pull, it will be immediately followed by a massive Stun with catastrophic damage.

Pay attention!

Characters attacking Dent automatically go into combat (flag) mode, as if attacked other character.

Maximum damage to boss is limited— 20 000 damage.

Boss stats

Bane Doorkeeper Lv. 85

HP 29 750 000 MP 109 624
P.Atk. 73 994 M.Atk. 47 306
P.Def. 1 660 M.Def. 2 125
EXP 0 SP 0
Attack Attribute Unholy, 300 Defence Attribute

Fire, 75

Water, 75

Wind, 75

Earth, 75

Holy, 75

Unholy, 75

Bane Mid Company l2
Skill Description
Bane Attack Lv. 1 Deals physical damage (auto attack).
Bane Spin Attack Lv. 1 Deals physical damage in an area, power 50 285.

Dent The Dark Knight Lv. 85

HP 47 600 000 MP 109 624
P.Atk. 73 994 M.Atk. 47 306
P.Def. 1 608 M.Def. 1 854
EXP 25 287 500 SP 1 000 000
Attack Attribute Unholy, 300 Defence Attribute

Fire, 75

Water, 75

Wind, 75

Earth, 75

Holy, 75

Unholy, 75

Dent Mid Company l2
Skills Description
Dent Attack Lv. 1 Deals physical damage (auto attack).
Dent Mass Poison Lv. 1 Casts strong poison on enemies nearby. Makes physical damage in area, power 35 865.
Dent Mass Pulling Lv. 1 Pulls all characters within a certain radius towards you.
Dent Mass Stun Lv. 1 Stuns nearby characters. Deals physical damage in an area, power 100 500.

Leveling SA

Bane and Dent can upgrade Soul Crystal (SA) for all members of the last-hit group.

For successful SA leveling you should have one Soul Crystal in your inventory, and the quest Enhance Your Weapon must be taken.


All characters who participated in a battle with Dent receive a special item — Participant in Epic Boss Battle Mid Company .

Within 24 hours of receiving the item, it can be exchanged by NPC Hunter MAD for Box with Rewards Mid Company . The chest contains useful supplies:

Bosses Bane Doorkeeper Lv. 85 and Dent The Dark Knight Lv. 85 contain special items — Dent's Coin Mid Company , that can be exchanged for epic jewelry by NPC Hunter MAD .


Frintezza's Necklace a
Ring of Core c
Ring of Queen Ant c
Earring of Orfen c
Zaken's Earring a
Frintezza's Necklace a


Dent's Coin Mid Company (x35)


Bane and Dent's drop changes during the season progress.

Bane Doorkeeper Lv. 85
Dent The Dark Knight Lv. 85



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