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The game of our youth (2003-2011) has been adapted by E-Global through game communities.
For our mentality, under 1 server, 1 time a year.


MasterWork is NOT about chronicles or rates.

IL 1 этап

Stage 1: IL

New Season Begin: 27 October

Maximum level: 60

Launch results

A record online game in the history of the project - 9,000 unique players rushed to conquer the content of early Interlude. The political arena is packed with clans of various levels from all Lineage 2 game servers, from low-rate Interlude to PvP HF. Many new memes and dramas were created in the first month of the server.

Essence of the Stage

Character development up to level 60, Professions and learning all major Skills, creating D, C and B-gr. Equipment, getting sub class, pet development, finding group and clan.

Stage challenges

Obtaining 61+ Level and A-gr. Equipment, control of RB, fight for Hero, formation of Political Arena server, war for the first Castles and the first Epic.


  • Improved NG equip from Newbie Guide;
  • Free Teleports and Club. Buff up to 40th level;
  • Pets can be improved, Improved Pets - finalized;
  • Sub class with simplified quest from 52nd level; Additional Sub Class skills - once in 5 sub levels starting from the 50th;
  • Active Clan Skills. Redesigned Squad Skills; actualised Academy

IL 2 этап

Stage #2: IL


Maximum Level 72

Stage results

To counter the Zabors' domination, the large clans constantly cooperated in efforts to defeat the opponent. One midwar alliance quietly gathered 300-350 people. At the end of the stage, access to the creation of Kamael is open. This gave the server a new boost in the form of an additional pair of thousands of players interested in Gracia. During the first two stages, 13 major patches with updates were released.

Essence of the Stage

Character development to 72nd level, enhancement of basic Skills, creation of A-gr. Equipping, exping of sub classes and getting Nobless, Clan development, preparation for 3rd professions, Gracia and crafting of S-gr. Celebration of the New Year!

Stage challenges

Gaining 73+ Level and access to high spots, RB Control for S-grade and CA exping, struggle for the first Nobles and Hero, war for Castles and Flags, new Epic, preparation of group compositions for the next stage of Gracia


  • Exping of CA 10-13 levels - now available with more Bosses;
  • Noble with full quest, receiving at 70 level of sub;
  • Alliance of Varka/Ketra and HS - available from 72nd level;
  • Evening Epics: Queen Ant, Orfen, Core, Zaken, Baium; on the midway through the Stage - Frintezza;
  • Creating of Kamaels a week before moving to the next stage;

GF 3 этап

Stage #3: GF


Maximum level 79

Stage results

Grace happens only once a year, and only on E-Global. Despite the third month of life of the server, online is kept at high values. Safero entered the big game and showed a good level of leadership, with many mid-War fighters moving into Big-War. Players do not rush to change their B/A-grade, because the bonuses from enchanting the set together with the attribute allow to remain competitive.

Essence of the Stage

Character development up to 79th level, obtaining a Profession and gaining + upgrading basic skills, creating and improving (ATT, CA) S-gr. Equipment, enchanting of skills. Passing new instance zones and getting "custom" costume jewelry. Bright and interesting PVP of the early Gracia; meeting with Kamaels.

Stage challenges

Gaining 80+ Level. Fighting for control of Parnas and Hellbound. Preparing for Dynasty crafting. Race for the first feats - "Game Changers" (ChOV, POW, Prana, RI and so on). War for Castles and Flags, a new priority Epic.


  • IoP - reworked, now this location for groups of up to 5 people;
  • Hellbound - partially open, no Himmer and Towers. The number of mobs and spots on the Port and in the quarries was increased;
  • Bonuses from Newbie Guide and Free Club. Buff up to 60th level. Academy up to 60th level with valuable rewards including B-gr;
  • Skills from 75 and 80 levels of Sub classes, but not tied to sub professions;
  • B и A-gr. wepon now can be attributed (150/300). B-gr. and A-gr armor - now can be attributed (30/60).

GF 4 этап

Stage #4: GF


Maximum level 82

Stage results

The server has already 5 months of active play. The maximum level has been raised to 83, added S80 grade Moirai / Icarus. Players opt out of the old sets, preferring Dynasty gear to simplified quests from Epilogue locations. The calendar of clan activities becomes freer - players have time to rest. High Five mechanics are gradually added to the game, and the server prepares for the introduction of DVD/LoA.

Essence of the Stage

Character development to 82nd level, Hellbound farm war, Creation and Improvement of Dynasty equiopment, Trips to Tiat - getting Icarus and Vesper. War for SOD: farming of ATT crystals. Full-scale enchanting of skills. Long and complicated PVP of "late" Gracia and interesting Olympiad.

Stage challenges

The realization of almost limitless opportunities in improving both the character and the group. Total war for Hellbound and SoD, at TW and at the Olympiad. All that where on the first season of MasterWork was stuffed millions of PvP. Preparation for the coming stage of the High Five.


  • Bonuses for creating and developing characters, up to 68 levels;
  • Hellbound - fully open except towers. Craft available - Dynasty. Drop from monsters revised, now it’s recipes and pieces of S-grade, useful resources
  • Complete creation and class Improvement of Dynasty equipment;
  • Tiat - available, Vesper now can be equiped from level 82;
  • Subs can be developed to 85th level, including the study of 81-83 skills;
  • Full-fledged character development, gaining all prof skills.

HF 5 этап

Stage #5: HF


Maximum level 85

Essence of the Stage

Character development up to 85th level! Open access to S, S80 and Vesper equipment, as well as the ability to improve items and skills.

Stage challenges

Active daily PvP to control LoA and DV, GC and MOS locations; obtaining of Rare Moirai, Noble Vesper and Vorpal equipment.


  • Bonuses when creating and developing characters, up to 75 levels; Wearing things up to A-gr. inclusive - no penalty from the first level. B-gr. equip when creating a character.
  • Drop in new "High Five" locations actualized.
  • Actualization of production and development of S84 equipment;
  • Introduction of the modified "final location": Seed of Annihilation - now it is relevant for all classes;
  • Quest for 7 RB in DV for Vesper weapons;

MWE 6 этап

Stage #6: MWE


Maximum level 85

Essence of the Stage

The final stage of the seasonal opening, is a stage of high-end content chronicle High Five with its own improvements.

Stage challenges

Complete the quest to obtain the Eternal S84 Grade weapon, obtain the SA which includes 3 effects at once, extract unique scrolls and enchant your character.


  • You can join the server in 4 hours, complete the quest and get enchanted S grade and 3rd profession
  • Interactive learning of new skills, we will show what skills updated for your class during the quest
  • For obtaining of Eternal weapon you will have to complete an exciting quest and fight monsters in new locations, some of which are real monsters!
  • Updated FG location in complicated farm for mining new enchantment scrolls. Players feed monsters with Shilen Blood Vessels, that Increases their characteristics and quality of mining.


Economic diversity

Since MasterWork is the way from NoGrade to S84, where every patch is valuable and gives a boost for trading and market operations, our economy is always active: new players revitalize the market, and healthy turnover of currency donate expands opportunities, helping any player enrich and succeed in a world without investment.

Understand what to do

Old daily quests and some items were reformatted in «MISSION». Now every player at hand always has a minimum plan, executing which you can keep up with the players and have access to Premium content for free without donation.

First game tempo

In the three years of MW’s existence, we have come to more smooth and gradient upgrades. The starting game will be more active, updates will be released ~once a week, while players will be able to play in Cruma with crafting of brigantine helmets. At the moment of Gracia content the frequency of updates will be less frequent.

Resetting Lineage from A to Z

The overall picture to which you are accustomed remained unchanged, yes it is a low rate, but the details of which it consisted were adjusted to the reality of 2023. Abuses are fixed, all professions are playable, mechanics are painstakingly twisted, shops with quests change over the course of the game, locations, epics and everything is actualized.

Chief helpers during the hunt

Next to Gatekeeper there is Adventurers' Guide, where you can: get buffs for yourself and your pet, exchange Ivory Coin for exping boosts and temporary equipment, use club teleports. Autoloot available on daily quest. Academics get passive DS.

Classes evolution

You think wizards and duelists are too powerful and need to be nerfed.
Should we do this? — Our answer is no.
We're trying to rework and strengthen the "lagging" classes to give them a chance at meta.

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More interesting wins

The improved castles and structures give the siege a dynamic character, and for the mid-war players of the division we have added 6 new castles that the top clans cannot enter. New and redesigned clan skills work for everyone. For academics, it is easier to exp so they can join battles faster.

Epic Bosses

Tonight clan events will now take less time, we have relieved the epic respawn to players so they had more daily farm and pvp. For mid division players there are individual epic bosses, but the accessories from them can only be worn by members of the clan that has farmed the boss.

Every year event for all

The last opening broke the record of 9,000 UNIQUE players. Where to play from November to May everyone understands perfectly. Fight 200x200 for a regular rat in DV in the middle of the night, maximum competition for top spots, sets worth 3 bedroom apartments, blood sweat and tears - this is about MasterWork.

Training Olympiad

No desire to compete with the cyber-athletes, but you want to test your powers in the arenas of the Olympiad? Training Olympiad is specially created for this - here you can show your level of playing. These fights do not affect the rating of the main Olympiad, and get the status of Hero for training will not work

Ingame Market

The Ingame Market is the key to a healthy server economy.
The opportunity to earn real money increases demand and supply for game values.
For three server seasons we paid $1,000,000!

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Lack of software

On the servers of E-Global software is a rare exception, not the usual.
Few projects are ready to boast of a complete ban and the absence of third-party software
We can, JUST check this!

Basic server
MasterWork Eternal


The final stage of the season opening, is a stage of high-end content chronicle High Five with its own refinements. Before merging the seasonal server with the base server, we update the seasonal to the 6th stage of Eternal, where you can prepare your character well before merging with the eternal.
The main feature of the Eternal Server is the advanced gameplay cap and it's methods of extraction, high competition and active PvP on redesigned spots.

Here's few examples:

  • Added an Eternal S84 Grade weapon and created a quest for its getting, on your way be ready for grind, PvP and couple of surprise!
  • Expanded the SA's capabilities, now it includes 3 effects, added extra weapon bonuses above +8 and passive skills that bring more variability to the game
  • Created new scrolls of enchantment and fascinating way of their extraction:
    • enchants by +2, but breaks the object
    • 100% enchanting, but only up to +8
    • if failure, doesn't break the item
    • enchants by +1, reduces by 1 level if failure

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You can learn about improvements in the game world, read changes in character skills, get acquainted with new set bonuses and other changes.
Explore our unique world and make your game more comfortable!

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