That exact MasterWork x1

Update Lair of Antharas available

Stable evening online, we will soon be six months
Launch 1 server per year, start playing anytime

Playing without rush
Start anytime
It’s ALWAYS EASIER for Newbies

Stage MasterWork this is...

...Be in the same boat with everyone

You’ve never been bothered by thoughts about at what stage of development you are, who’s ahead and behind you. It’s time to bring back 2007.

Play when and how much you want, we’ve already taken care of everything

...The origin that built it by itself

Gracia is our favorite chronicles, we have essentially popularized them, rebalanced them and made them playable. The Koreans killed Lineage 2 with the introduction of Gracia, our Gracia made it great again.

All rights to Gracia content that you see anywhere are owned by us

...Go all the way to the golden era of Lineage 2

This is not about blunt repetition of official patches Interlude, Gracia or High FIve. During the six months we issue about 50 minor and 6 major updates connecting everything into a logical single game session.

A dedicated community solves years of contradictions in your favorite game. With love, empathy and meaning

May, 22 we’ve put new update!
Most of MasterWork content
consists of High Five mechanics and Gracia locations.
Get in the game and evaluate the changes right now!

Begin to Play

All that was before — preparation for the original
Gracia and is simplified with each update

Exping is thought out + twisted

Rates and other factors are twisted for those who start later, allowing to flip out irrelevant content. The Academy gives passive D/C, vitality for daily and achievements, free suplies, generous quests reward allows you to relax and beat mobs.

Equip — is no problem

At 1st level you get NG with stats mid-D gr. YOU CAN WEAR D-gr with CA from the first level, C-grade you get for symbolic actions, shadow B-gr with CA for daily quests. And buying a set removes most of the difficulties at the start.

Healthy Economy Decides

Processing items and some mechanics create new trading-market relations between beginners and old players. BW Boots droped on the exping will buy old player to enchant them to +6, and new player will pick up his attributed B-gr weap, or CoLs for Premium.

Buffer to Level 75
Academy up to level 52
C-gr from 1st level
Catch them all in 24 hours

Live Now. Enjoy Now. Grieve Now. Trust Now. PLAY NOW.

Character leveling

LevelsRatesLike this
1 - 39х10Joined Mid-PvP
40 - 69х10 - x5With buffer х15
70 - 79х5 - х3Passing in one evening
80 - 81х2.5Feel low rate
82 - 83х1.5Challenging the stages
84 - 85х1Classic 1.0 (2014)

Exping right NOW

If you haven’t started playing for some reason, you shouldn’t wait for the right time, we’ve already thought of everything. IT’S ALWAYS EASIER FOR BEGINNERS TO EXP THE CHARACTER, EVERYTHING’S ALREADY BENT OUT OF SHAPE.

Equipment is ENOUGH

Free equip in the early stages of the game, as if you had come not on x1, but on Mid-rate. Exert yourself only when it is appropriate to enjoy the game.

What should I do?

  1. At levels 81+ the longest and most complicated PvP of late Gracia;
  2. Try key PvP mechanics taken with High Five Chronicle;
  3. Craft S/Dynasty/Moirai/Icarus equipment;
  4. Several Epilogue locations for solo-palyers and small groups;
  5. Collect crystals in SoD or exchange the stone attribute as on HF;
  6. Review our new skill enchanting branches, your character is more relevant;

Where’s the new challenge with sweat and blood and tears?

  1. Achieve 83+ level in order to learn your key skills, without books;
  2. Socialize to have access to exclusive content;
  3. Control the new location of the Hellbound;
  4. New epic Beleth, battles of 400-500 people for 150+ day server;
  5. Insert two kinds of attribute into armor, on a full HF there will be three;
  6. Enchant set of armor up to +6-10, it will possess additional custom stats;

What should I consider?

  1. When enchanting the S80 set, you can choose the type of bonus: Attack or Defense;
  2. Balance eliminating abuze of year 2008. Play whoever you want, not whoever you need;
  3. Kamael without restrictions on subs, Inspector main class, 2 SLB heroes;
  4. Most of the restrictions for subs have been lifted, exp and play whoever you want;
  5. Adequate instat logic, epic schedule, farm 300+ attribute;
  6. Sieges and territorial wars with divisions;


Starter Set

Newbie Choice

41 items

Greater MW Ring

+24 M.Def. +3% PvE Def. -25% loss of exp for death +15 Inventory Slots. Skill: BSoE

Autoloot Agathion 7 days
Vitality Maintaining and Replenishing Potion 2 and 3 pcs
Coupon Weapon and Armor C-Grade 2 and 1 pcs
SSC by 20k, BSSC by 12k
Jewelry set C-Grade
by 1 pcs
Extra Entrance Pass — Kamaloka and Zaken by 1 pcs
MW Vitality Pie 1 pcs
Blessed Scroll of Escape and Resurrection 7 and 5 pcs
GCP and GHP by 100 pcs
Buff cocktail set by 5 pcs
Set of flags and teleport scrolls
1 pcs
Accessory Exchange Coupon
HP and MP Regeneration +30%
3 days
Set of basic talismans
by 1 pcs 300 minutes
Ivory Coin 150 pcs.

Unique Set

The best for its price

48 items

Blessed MW Ring

+32 M.Def +5% PvE Def. -50% loss of exp for death +20 Inventory Slots. Skills: BSoE, BSoR

Cloak of the Stranger +150 HP
MW Mounting Bracelet
Mounted pet
Autoloot Agathion 30 days
MW Summon Bracelet. 6 slots for Talismans. 7 days
Vitality Maintaining and Replenishing Potion 4 and 5 pcs
Coupon Weapon and Armor C/B-Grade 4 weapon and 3 armor set
SSC/SSB by 20k, BSSC/BSSB by 12k
Jewelry set C-Grade and B-Grade
by 1 pcs
Blessed Scroll of Escape and Resurrection 15 and 10 pcs
GCP and GHP by 250 pcs
Buff cocktail set by 10 pcs
MW Vitality Pie 3 pcs
Extra Entrance Pass — Kamaloka and Zaken by 2-3 pcs
Set of flags and teleport scrolls 1 pcs
Accessory Exchange Coupon
HP and MP Regeneration +30%
7 days
Set of basic talismans
by 1 pcs 300 minutes
Talismans Life Force, Maximum Clarity and Meditation
by 1 pcs 300 mana
Ivory Coin 350 pcs.

Premium Set

Choose for yourself and buy with one click

Set + PA + Club Card

Ivory Coin 500 pcs.

I don’t want to spend $3 what should I do?

In fact E-Global is the most generous project you’ve ever met, here you can really get high playing a couple of hours a day and be in the same boat with everyone.

In this video we showed how to push the buttons and do not pass all our gifts with a boost.

Unfortunately, many of them skip, do not notice, give little attention (but 🐷 on the contrary, without any investment take out God at the expense of this). The role of the "donate server" was created PURPOSEFULLY by some individuals who needed to push off even earlier, and the trend of gambling market (and as a consequence of Lineage) LONG AGO LOST in pay-to-win, there is no need to go far for examples. We are changing this situation, not by words but by deeds. The average line on the donate on a E-global starts at ~5$ and ends at 20-30$, which for CA 25-35 years is a decent price for entertainment for six months. Everything sold in donate — not necessarily for the game, but just to "relax and beat mobs" (с).

It helps to bring up from the knees the game of our childhood with you, continue to pay people’s salaries, preventing them from going to adjacent markets (the staff here is worth the gold, believe me, there are no employees on the street) and generally support what the Korean publisher has long neglected

We will not abandon you all. We are here to the end. Either Lineage will be again great or die. The third option is not given. From the first season and stage we are together, so this will be up to the end. E-Global 2015 — 2023

For those who want to play MasterWork before the new season,
remember the mechanics or test their skill set in PvP
Welcome to Eternal!