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25 NOVEMBER 2022

The game of our youth (2003-2011) has been adapted by E-Global through game communities.
For our mentality, under 1 server, 1 time a year.



Here are your impressions of the familiar game from C1 to High Five
and logically connected to the update chain for one server.
You will remember everything - from the old mechanics with crafting the first Bow of Peril
to collecting the attribute secretly from the wars under the hide in SoA.
Stages of progress of the server allow you to experience the atmosphere
of chronicle development, as it was 10 years ago.
The server is MONITORED and updated every week.
We don't rush, once a month give a huge update of the characteristic stage of the game:
new locations, events, equipment and levels.
Just think about it, over 100 patches have been released in the previous two seasons,
each accompanied by gifts for the players.
Careful rethinking and updating of the capabilities of each class
make your favorite professions more relevant than you are used to.
Interactive learning and discussion of unfamiliar moments with other players
make familiarization with new content interesting, and the transition from other projects painless.
Playing in a group is not necessarily, but in an MMO game it's the key to full content.
Additional game mechanics make group playing comfortable and profitable.
Besides, playing with other people you will experience more emotions from the process.

of the new season

Pigs — souls of banned RMTs

There are rumors that the souls of the banished RMTs still fly through the expanses of MW... If you follow around and beat them - you can get the good that drop from their greedy paws.

Random quests

Elmoraden residents have begun to travel more frequently. Having met an adventurer, players can help solve his problems. Keep in mind, the reward is random - it will probably be a pleasant surprise, but there is always a chance to earn terrible trouble. But if you don't take risks, you don't win!

Hot Spots

Dark magic increases the number of monsters in some locations, reducing their power. Anomalies appear in locations, finding and destroying them will give players pleasant drop and beneficial effects. Monitor alerts and successfully fight attacks from outside.

Location keeper

Killing monsters in a location fills the progress bar. When the scale is filled, a special raid boss "Location Keeper" appears. The more monsters die, the more the boss appears. Players will receive valuable rewards for defeating bosses.


Because of the spatial rifts, strange goblins seep into the real world. They look dangerous and severe, but in fact are completely harmless. As soon as you get close to them, the timid goblins run away. Run and catch the goblin for valuable rewards.

Classes evolution

You think wizards and duelists are too powerful and need to be nerfed.
Should we do this? — Our answer is no.
We're trying to rework and strengthen the "lagging" classes to give them a chance at meta.

Dont miss this chance!

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Mid Company

New castles

When registering for a siege, the intervention of strong clans can now be disregarded. We have created new castles near Gludin and Orc Village. Only the Mid Clans can lay siege to these castles so called Mid.Company

Epic Bosses

For Mid. Company made copies of some bosses, they also have in drop epic jewelry. Unlike the original, it is only available to equip for members of the clan that killed the boss. This means that valuable items will not enter the market and will not affect the server economy

Territory Battles

As with castles, only members of the Mid. Company are registered for territorial battle of the new holdings. Flags and event system are the same as the original

Training Olympiad

No desire to compete with the cyber-athletes, but you want to test your powers in the arenas of the Olympiad? Training Olympiad is specially created for this - here you can show your level of playing. These fights do not affect the rating of the main Olympiad, and get the status of Hero for training will not work

Ingame Market

The Ingame Market is the key to a healthy server economy.
The opportunity to earn real money increases demand and supply for game values.
For two server seasons we paid $650,000!

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Lack of software

On the servers of E-Global software is a rare exception, not the usual.
Few projects are ready to boast of a complete ban and the absence of third-party software
We can, JUST check this!

Basic server
MasterWork Eternal


The final stage of the season opening, is a stage of high-end content chronicle High Five with its own refinements. Before merging the seasonal server with the base server, we update the seasonal to the 6th stage of Eternal, where you can prepare your character well before merging with the eternal.
The main feature of the Eternal Server is the advanced gameplay cap and it's methods of extraction, high competition and active PvP on redesigned spots.

Here's few examples:

  • Added an Eternal S84 Grade weapon and created a quest for its getting, on your way be ready for grind, PvP and couple of surprise!
  • Expanded the SA's capabilities, now it includes 3 effects, added extra weapon bonuses above +8 and passive skills that bring more variability to the game
  • Created new scrolls of enchantment and fascinating way of their extraction:
    • enchants by +2, but breaks the object
    • 100% enchanting, but only up to +8
    • if failure, doesn't break the item
    • enchants by +1, reduces by 1 level if failure

Your attention is presented
interactive map of our kingdom

You can learn about improvements in the game world, read changes in character skills, get acquainted with new set bonuses and other changes.
Explore our unique world and make your game more comfortable!

Start adventure

For those who want to play MasterWork before the new season,
remember the mechanics or test their skill set in PvP
Welcome to Eternal!

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