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  1. seems viltality is droping really slow (maybe its my mistake but i dont know it seems to me like this) try test it and if it is how you want it to be i dont know its your choice how you will do it thnx
  2. exp from mobs seems to be x7 now
  3. Hello As you can see on photo there is a problem at mithril mines (client problem) you cant pass because there are rocks there but you cant see the rocks :p try check it thnx
  4. its not gonna be like this they are working on dynamic rates now its x3
  5. check here what i can see is the bonus is bigger now (maybe normal 300% from vit and 30% from rune if rune works i dont know) this mob on x1 rate gives around 10k exp so now on this server i was giving 30k without the bonus that means x3 rate also on the pic 2 days ago the exp i am getting is corect for x7 rate but the display is wrong because the bonus is lower than the exp that cant happen when the bonus is 330% i dont know about higher levels thnx
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