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MonkeyBusiness (International clan)

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Hello everyone,


About me:

I'm Dutch and play L2 since c3 on L2World. After that i moved to L2Gold.org and L2G-Oldschool.


That was a fun period of L2, i met a lot of nice players, from all over the world and had some fun pvp as well.


After that i played on some other L2 servers, but most of them failed or terrible GM's. So i quit playing L2 for a long time.

Now i like to find my joy back on L2e-global.com.


About our clan:

We (me and Redhat) will start a clan on this server. We will focus on team play and having fun on this server with a small group of international people.


Join us on discord:



Message me there and tell something about: yourself + class + nickname.


Promoting video:

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Hello everyone,


Read here the clan information:


Clan name: MonkeyBusiness

Clan leader: reetveter (WC)


Farm rules:

- We farm in "Random including spoil" party.

- Everyone keep there own mats and is responsible for their own gear.


Raid rules:

- We do raids with "Finders keepers" party. I will pick up the drops.

- Drops will be in CWH (I will choose who will get what etc.)


Clan vision:

- We will focus on team play and having fun with a small group with international people.

- I am always open for suggestions/advice but always speak in a respectffull way.

- We will focus first to reach lvl40+ and 2nd class change, later we will organise raids and other clan activities.

- I won't make a clan spoiler or crafter. Since no time for that but feel free to make one if you have time left.

- I enjoy clan war and siege, but no worries. I will choose our enemy's wisely. So you won't get killed by high lvl players, evertime you want to exp/farm.


Feel free to contact me on discord: reetveter#5168

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probably 6 dutchies willing to join your clan! :). All experienced players. That also means we are 30+ years old, have kids job etc so we are casual players > playing during the evenings. Still figuring out our party setup

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