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Hey, probably wl its not so good for pvp like archer dagger mage or something else..(like dwarfs with rush) and now you nerf the Burning Rage.When you add so much skills on buff classes and all of classes have 1more or 2maybe skills extra from no interlude client . why destro dosnt have Rush? and why warlord Quick Spear? its 2 most helpfull skills for pvp and giving more fun at all in game because 2 "farm" classe's give you the reason to play pvp and not avoid it.

thank you.

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WL is great class for so called "stop parties". Your main goal is not to damage but to go where the wars grouped up and hit them with stun. Both L2team and Oldschool allys, for example, have good parties like this and as their opponent I can say you honestly that warlords have great impact in mass pvp. Also WLs (and destro ofc) are the best for pve. You can exp and farm faster then most classes. Warlord with nickname Nikitos was the first one who get 76 lvl on this server. So there is some balance after all, you see?









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