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Regarding events

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First I want to thank Kitty for her work translating informations from russian to english. I believe that the international community is very happy by her disponibility answering us here. ;)


Second, I don't understand why the rewards from most Events cannot be traded between chars. I speak from myself! In my warehouse (from the Squash event) in one of my characters I have 11 different mounts, 8 costumes, many hats and agathions. Currently from Coffer Event there's also vitamin pets... people with of the same and they're stuck in their inventory/warehouse.

Normaly players have more than one char to play and if they're like me they'd like to trade such things to the others chars. Or if you stop playing one class and reroll to other you lose everything even if you DONATED for it.


I ask of you to give a think about it, it'd be nice to see that changed.

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