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Found 12 results

  1. We will reorganize the Clan under new name with end game goals to fully enjoy the new masterwork content and participate at the mid war, we aim to create clan groups from the solo players that will join us and actively compete at farm spots and open world PVP . We have few and clear rules that everyone is expected to follow for better gameplay for all of us: a) Use of TeamSpeak for day-to-day communication and discord for written announcements. b) English at clan chat c)No fighting for farm spots among clan members, whoever was in the spot first keeps the spot. Pking a clan member will most likely lead to kick from the Clan. d) Respect and help other clan members at all times. We are looking to recruit: a)2 Combat ready CPs. b) Groups of friends that are planning to create a full CP by recruiting solo players from our clan. c)Active solo players that are willing to join in all clan events and are open to joining/creating groups with other solo players. Clan participation at mid war content and wars will be decided in accordance with the clan members combat readiness. We are a war-oriented Clan, but we will not rush to open wars at the expense of other clan members gameplay, leveling and gearing. But eventually clan wars will DEFINATELY with similar level clans and clans that we will come in direct conflict at mid content. You can find us at discord Gindas#8557 - Sgtm#1548 or pm me at forum.
  2. UPDATE: Considering we got atm 25-30 ppl (good number for 1 week of a fresh clan) , I think and I decided, it's better to JOIN with LooneyTunes clan, cosidering they have the same concept, ENG SPEAKING in clan/voice and they have a awesome community! We can do more and be stronger (as MID clan) so Thank You all for your trust , all those who wrote me, in discord add : Gindas#8557 / Ang3l#0462 for NEW INFOs ! hello champs! Until the day when the server will go live, I was speaking with some of my guys, how much we miss the days when we would understand the CHAT / INFO / DISCORD in english like the [g]old days.... So I am willing to start a new clan with MEMBERS WILLING TO WRITE/SPEAK in ENGLISH , help each other all over the map PVP/PVE/Laba/Kama/RBs/Sieges/AoE spots etc ENGLISH is mandatory on chat/discord (you can be even from South Africa, Congo, Korea or RU, just to be willing to speak english as much as you can) L ooking for solo players, mini CPs, CPs , mature guys who are willing to have fun playing this awesome game among others ! -write down if you're interested, or add Discord -> darkal3x#1856 * all eyes are on you! Are you in?! FYI - some team work+pvp videos: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1244379216 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1243805917
  3. Hello everyone! We are looking for solo players, Constant Parties and Half-Constant Parties who wants to take a part in fights for Epic Bosses, castles and respect. I'm not asking my clan members to play 24/7, but i'll help all of you to boost and exp yourself as much as it possible for me. Because of it If you love to play but have a "chill" approach to this game - this clan is for you Everybody will find a small family, which will be glad to see him in party, you just need to have a voice. We will play till the end of this server and i'll try to do my best for you to make this clan a home for you. If you are looking for well organised international clan - you are welcome. I'm ready to answer your questions 24/7. I do not recruit toxic players and do not condone toxic behavior. If you are interested, you can: 1)PM here 2)TG https://t.me/MrVoulez 3)Discord MrVoulez#1430 Also i wish all the best to clan Invictus, OldSchool and AfterBuy. We was one big family for a long time on this server and i'll be glad to see them on this server. Здрасьте-здрасьте, люди добрые! Всем соло игрокам, клам и плам желаю хорошего старта и интересной, долгой игры. Сервер показал себя лучшим за всю историю линейки, поэтому продолжим игру на данном сервере. На прошлом мастерворке клан состоял исключительно из солоигроков. Группируя солоплееров друг с другом клан обрёл жизнь совсем неожиданным путём, участвуя в написании такой долгой и красивой истории под названием Masterwork 2020 в альянсе с Олдсуклами и кланом Доминатора. По факту набора: Набор в клан соло игроков/небольшие группы людей/КП, которые не могут по определённым причинам давить на бигвар, но тем не менее хотят принять участие в фане и драках за эпиков, замки и ТВ. На этом сервере планы гораздо глобальнее, но концепция клана не меняется, немного лишь изменится подход к достижению целей и название, оставив старое-доброе имя клана ШадоусБэд вместе с Возюкой - в сердцах и памяти. Всё также не будет ДКП , извиняюсь, ДЦП системы, также не будет скидывания дропа на кла cо всех инст/РБ и пожертвований клу на карточку собирания пары тысяч рублей на мамблу/тс, которая стоит 250-350 рублей в месяц. (Все совпадения с реально живущими персонажами, фактами и явлениями случайны.) Если есть вопросы, просьба писать их в Телеге: https://t.me/MrVoulez или дискорд: MrVoulez#1430 Я не мувимейкер и не смогу закрепить своих мувиков, но всё же попадали на камеры других как соло, так и с али. SafShBAveria.mp4
  4. Всем доброго вечера. Так много срача на форуме, но все же сегодня Католический Сочельник и Рождество. Хоть Православное Рождество еще только через пару недель, для многих жителей Земного Шара - праздник уже сегодня. Всех причастных поздравляю с Рождеством и Рождественским Сочельником. Пожелаю Всем добра, здоровья и мира. Понятно, сейчас набегут Хейтерочки, я пока налью бокальчик вина, включу Джингл Бэлз, и буду ждать Ваших комментариев, мои сладкие Хейтерки. Хотя конечно, я жду адекватной полемики в треде. Hi everyone. Unfortunately, there is a lot of holywar on the forum. But, today is Christmas Eve and Christmas! So, Orthodox Christmas comes only two weeks later. But for many inhabitants of the Earth - a holiday today! With Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve! And best wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year. May every little things from your Christmas wishlist come true, guys. Take care of yourself during this difficult time. I hope there won't be so many haters in this thread :D. London is a Capital GB (sry for my lng). メリークリスマス!そして良いお年を!宜しくお願いします。
  5. Hello, I started yesterday and im looking for a good eng/pt clan/Academy . I played L2 on Official and L2DEX , my main is Warlock. Add : Skinpad Lvl: 39 Cheers !
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an international (or Polish) CP. I'm more interested in casual gaming. Doombringer 78 + GW + BD 63 If you're interested - PM me on forums. Cheers
  7. InnerConflict Recruiting Active English Speaking Players InnerConflict is an international clan of 10+ years, from retail and many private servers. Every member uses discord for text chat and voice chat. We are currently looking for CPs and Solo Players. A large majority of our players are from the USA and Canada so we are looking for active CPs during the European Timezone. All classes welcome, except for dwarves. Every player already has their own spoiler and we have three clan crafters with all recipes. All other classes can be fit into a party for pvp, so we welcome any misfits. Join in on the PVP for EPICS, Raids, Sieges. If interested, you must first be: 1. An active player 2. Fully fluent in English and able to speak well enough in voice chat to the clan. 3. Willing to use discord whenever in parties, raids, or sieges. Please send a private message to me in the forums if you'd like to join. or PM Riz, Devinea, Rasen in game. If you can't get a hold of these people in game, you may send a message through the mail in game to Riz.
  8. Tranquility Clan Focus: PvE, Raiding, Farming, Crafting. A friendly no-war relax clan. Clan Level: 6 Clan Hall: Dion Active Members: 20+ currently and growing. Website: http://tranquilityclan.enjin.com Tranquility - I've decided after so much searching with no success to start a clan for English speakers focused on PvE. Casual play is welcomed, and of course hardcore players too but don't expect mass PvP etc. This clan is for English speakers who want to relax. Hopefully the clan does grow into something more organized but for now this is just a new clan looking to bring relaxed players together. PM Ingame: FEARME / Sinnocent / Glorfindel or message me via forums for an invitation if interested or put in a new optional small application on our website and I'll contact you when I'm online. A lot of our members have invite rights, you can also ask them if you see a member. Website: http://tranquilityclan.enjin.com
  9. Tranquility - I've decided after so much searching with no success to start a clan for English speakers focused on PvE. Casual play is welcomed, and of course hardcore players too but don't expect mass PvP etc. This clan is for English speakers who want to relax. Hopefully the clan does grow into something more organized but for now this is just a new clan looking to bring relaxed players together. PM Ingame: FEARME / Sinnocent / Geezer or message me via forums for an invitation if interested.
  10. Looking for a cp. I'm 27 years old. Main goal for me is a learn and improve my spoken english. Game is a perfect tool for that. For now I speak English poorly, but I want to fix it when dealing with good people. More I have good experience in la2. Unexpectedly right? :cool: _) (using a google translate does not always give good quality thought, sorry for that_)) :confused:) Who interested please join. :) Skype: artxcmit _https://vk.com/s.subaru
  11. i need one boy or girl to be able to play 15 hours a day,to forget about life for the period eglobal will be online. no specify class you must be able to play any class. send me cv on skype: kozakoc english required skype: kozakoc
  12. My greetings! I know that the majority of l2 players is russian, even on the european servers:D I am from Ukraine, so I don`t far away from this tendence, but, it was the real looooong way of lineage experience and now, I just want to move forward and feel something new. So, now, I am finding the english speaking clan/cp, to make a new friendships abroad, improve my english skills and just have a many funny moments, thanks for this way of gameplay. Если не получится с европейцами, буду рад пойти в дружественную пачку с вечерним праймом. Сам я нахожу время для игры и утром/днем, поэтому проблем с дополнительным онлайном и компанией для кача не будет. Play roles with pleasure: - Archer - Mage (NECR, SH) - Tanky (SK, DA) - Bladedancer Prime: 20:00-01:00 (GMT+2). Have free additional prime-time during the day. *Without wax*
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